Monday, April 12, 2010

Walking with Sisters

So, today, my cousin over at was texing me and then she's all, "OMG!  Sometime I'll have to tell you the story about blah blah blah - it's too long to text."  What.the.fuck.  You do not tell people you have a really long story to share then tell them you'll tell them another time.  The statement alone just begs for the story to be told right.then.and.there.  So, I suggested she come over to my place at lunch and I'd kick her ass in some power walking we could go for a walk since she has been eating nothing but Easter chocolate for the last month.  And while she was walking then she could talk.

Well, she couldn't talk because we were going up a big ass hill, so I did the talking until we reached the top.  Then she was able to speak.  The story was good, and juicy and well worth hearing!  I loved the story!  But even more than the story - I loved being with her!  It was such a warm, sunny beautiful spring day, and it almost seemed sinful to be out on a walk during the day, with a friend.  It's a treat in which I never get to indulge. 

I don't have many gal friends - not ones that I can just hang out and walk around and gossip with and also I don't have any sisters.  She doesn't have any sisters either.  And our other cousin doesn't have any sisters.  So in a way - we're like sisters.  Except those two are older than me (but not by much anymore - they used to be much older than me, but over time, I've caught up to them somehow) and they lived in the same town pretty much and so they have always been like sisters.  I have a sister-in-law, but she has her own sisters and it's not like I can just flounce in and be all, "hello!  I'm your sister now too!" So you see, I'm just kind of stuck out here - sisterless.

I was the goofy proper one - the one that was off learning which fork to use at a fancy restaurant that serves dinner with 12 forks, or being taught how to iron underwear or sheets, or being taught ballroom dancing or the piano or some other totally worthless socially acceptable talent that all nice young ladies should have. 

They were the ones that always got to pal around and have fun - going barefoot outside, cutting their feet, smoking behind the shed or some other kick ass childhood activity that I wasn't allowed to do.  When they went to college, they hung around together too and even had alot of the same friends.  So today, taking a sinful walk around the neighborhood with my cousin - smack dab in the middle of the day - was delightful!  IT BROUGHT ME JOY!  The ONLY thing that would have made it better were if our other cousin was there with us!! 

Raisinaruckus doesn't work outside the home - well she does - but she sets her own schedule - she does whatever the hell she wants whenever the hell she wants whatever the hell her kids need her to do whenever the hell they demand she do it.  I envy that.  I loved being in her world today - walking.  Outside.  In the sunshine.  In the middle of the day.   No wonder she's always so damned happy and full of joy.  I would be too!  And also that is likely why she allows ball bouncing in her house.  She doesn't have the stress and anticipation of having to get to an office wherein she will sit and rot away into a shell of the person she once dreamed of being every morning spend her day in highly important meetings and make life-altering decisions about the universe- so ball bouncing likely doesn't piss her off.  She also allows sheep in her house.  And my other cousin has about 482 dogs and once had a llama in her house. Maybe I'm missing a gene.  (I should likely get tested for that). 

It was a nice walk and we had a nice conversation and my dog pissed on every mailbox in a 4 block radius and also took a shit in someone's elephant grass.  We just walked along and ignored him like we didn't know who he belonged to.  And her son rode his bike along with us, thinking how weird  cool we were for walking and talking and soaking up the sun on a spring day.  I wish I'd taken some pictures along the way - maybe next time!  And when we got back to my house, smoked a pack of cigarettes and laughed at ourselves we ate a nice healthy lunch of baby greens and tofu with fresh fruit sprinkled all over it.   I think we should do this every week!


  1. Sounds truly lovely.

    And I know exactly what you mean. I miss that girlfriend relationship, too. Very much. It's one of the biggest reasons I miss you so much!

  2. Oh Paige! I miss you too! We MUST see each other soon!!!

  3. Well I am very sorry I wasn't along too. Frankly, until you mentioned wishing I was along, I was getting pretty damned jealous!! LOL. I love you both and don't know what I would do without you in my life. There was a pretty long stretch of time a few years back when I don't think we spoke to each other more than a couple times a year. WTF was up with that?!?! I am so glad that isn't the case anymore. Actually its been a few weeks since I have seen either of you and I am missing you both so much.
    And PS - I DO NOT have 482 dogs and it was a goat in the house not a llama. However, if you looked at the hair on my floor right now you would swear there are 500 dogs and a herd of llamas living in there. And lets not discuss the 45 solid minutes of runny dog shit cleaning up I did last night after I got home from a long day of sitting in the office looking outside at the beautiful sunshine and wasting away to a shell.

    Love, The Other Cousin

  4. Llamas, goats, whatever. What's the difference? I like goats. I was going to get one to keep up with my yard work for me while I am at my office doing important shit but I heard it might eat the tires off my car and also stand on top of it and I didn't really like the sound of that, so I changed my mind.

    We MUST have a sister day soon! I miss you - it's been far too long since I've seen you!

  5. Someone once told me that goats have sharp little hooves that scare off snakes. I never found it to be entirely accurate but it is another reason to try them out. They are not good lawn mowers however and will first eat every tree and shrub they can find before moving on to the grass and only if they can't manage to get to your neighbors trees and shrubs first. Wonderful little animals...

    See you soon!!

  6. I'm WAY behind and just catching up on this blog - don't know if you'll even see my comment(s) but i just have to say that this account did my heart SUCH GOODNESS. I so wish for you and your "pseudo sisters" many more days just like this. What an absolute blessing you received and felt. My sister and I are so fortunate that we are blood relatives that have lived through muchomucho family shit in our lives - yet we lived and learned to laugh out loud with craziness through all of it, yet somehow, we hold it all dear to our hearts. She is my BEST FRIEND in this world and it goes without saying that we always have each other's backs NO MATTER WHAT. I truly believe that a Sisters' (no matter what definition that may take) camaraderie is the NUMBER ONE blessing a gal can hope for - for a somewhat sane and happy life.

    You girls - cousins, sisters, whatever - JUST ROCK ON IN UR SISTAHOOD!