Monday, April 26, 2010

Dry Cleaning & Homeless People

Here I am!!  Hi!  Sorry to have been absent for a few days - I got all caught up in my the prodigal son's senior prom.  Good grief - I'm STILL exhausted.  It's NUTS - the amount of money and the ends to which we must travel for prom.  In my day, we didn't ride in limos - we drove our shitty assed cars and liked it.  But not anymore - oh HELL NO - must have a limo, or in the prodigal son's case - a party bus.  That's right -  a party bus.  And then the parents follow them around ALL day taking pictures - Jesus - I woke up the next day expecting him to be gone and on his honeymoon what with all the hooplah that was going on - but instead he was still here and single. 

So on prom day, the prodigal son decided his $7 million rented shirt was too big and he refused to wear it.  So we went in hunt of a white dress shirt at the house.  And THAT is when it hit me - I'd taken that basket of dry cleaning to the cleaners in.... OCTOBER.  I am not shitting you here people - OCTOBER and it JUST NOW occurred to me that I'd taken it in.  No worries, right?!  I'll just call Monday and ask them and they'll say, "Yes dumbass alzheimer's patient, your clothes are right here waiting for you."

WRONG!  I called today and they have NOTHING there that belongs to me.  What.the.fuck.  Now dammit, these clothes have been sitting in a laundry basket for 2+ fucking years waiting to go to the cleaners, I took them in last October - I NEED them as clearly they are things I wear all the fucking time!!!  Well I distinctly remember counting the pieces when I handed them over last fall - 9.  9 pieces.  It's all coming back to me now like it was just....last October.  And the only things I can recall I took in were 2 black sundresses (I fucking love loved those dresses too), 2 of the husband's dress shirts and the PANTS to his fucking suit.  Okay - so keep up - I know, math is not my strong suit either, but I had the 7 yr old figger it out for me - that means that there are 4 pieces there in the possession of some homeless fuck that I have no clue what they are - NONE.  Important pieces of my wardrobe no doubt and yet I was willing to pay money to have them cleaned. 

I am so pissed - I don't think the husband has anything to wear to graduation now and that means I'll have to take him shopping and frankly I'd rather pluck my nose hairs.  Christ.  The insanity around here just NEVER ends.  And I'm sick about the whole thing.  I really am. I wished I'd NEVER fucking remembered I'd taken that shit into the cleaners.  When you get alzheimers, I wish it would stay put and not just conveniently fade in and out on its own free will. This is ALL my inlaw's fault for cleaning out my closets and building me these wonderful drawers and shelves and organization shit last fall.  If they had never done that, that basket of shittin' clothes would still be in my closet safe and sound.  I'll be certain to let them have it next time I see them.

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