Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Daughter #1's first softball game of her high school career was Monday night.  It was fun!  They're a young team, first time out together, a bit of a struggle - but they'll figure it out.  But this entry isn't about that game, because well, if you wanted to know what happened, you should have gotten off your lazy ass and come and watched it for yourself.

What this is about is who what I saw there:

It's Cousin Itt!!!   I.shit.you.not.  There I was, just sitting there all minding my own business and cheering the team on and I looked down and WHOA!  WHEN.THE.FUCK DID COUSIN ITT GET HERE?   And also, why did no one tell me?  I squealed out in excitement, "Itt's here!!!!" 

And my husband was all, "What?" 

ITT - ITT'S HERE - I am not even kidding about this shit - look - there ITT is!!! 

"That's Crystal Gayle,"  he argued. 

THAT IS NOT CRYSTAL GAYLE - she has black hair - THAT is ITT!!! 

"Crystal Gayle." 


"Maybe she bleached her hair, you're not a real blonde either." 

I AM a real blonde fucker - bite your tongue in public, everyone knows I'm a real blonde and that is NOT Crystal Gayle - it is Cousin ITT - ask Itt.  I dare you!

Finally the game ended and we had to leave and I didn't get a chance to see if Itt had on sunglasses or not, but I KNEW it was Itt.  At dinner, I asked Daughter #1 who's mother Itt was and she was all, "Jesus Mother - you're mean, but that was nasty."   Who is the mean one here?  You tell me.  I was not being critical, I just wanted to get Itt's autograph.

Maybe at the next game because something tells me Itt won't be getting itt's hair cut anytime soon.


  1. LMAO...well you blew it sister...imagine what that autograph would have sold for on ebay...specially with the picture to prove it!!! When I see .....freaks of nature....such as you've captured on film for our delight...I am reminded of my plan...should I ever have to have chemo or something that would make my long, been this way forever hair fall out and grow back in like peach fuzz...I'm going to have it dyed to match my calico cat...I shit you not!!! If everybody can leave the house looking like your pic...then should I ever end up with really short hair...I'm going calli!!!! I"ll keep your pic of Cousin ITT for suggestive ideas for that occasion!!! :)

  2. I love calico cats! I always wanted one. So, God forbid you really ever do find yourself in this situation, but if you do - rest assured there is a home for you in my garage - hunting undesirable vermin and then I will praise you while towering 5' over you and rub the top of your head with my big toe.