Friday, April 16, 2010

Freaky Friday

Not much today - very busy!  Getting ready for graduation - which is now in only one month.  I DID get teary eyed today thinking about it as I ran errands.  But then I cussed myself out and got back on task!  Whew!  My dear friend agreed to make my photo montage video for me  - YAY!  Thank you so much!  She's so much cooler and creative than I am - I'm so glad she agreed to do it!  And also, she knows some kick ass music and will help me in that regard.

Tonight the crazies are coming over to address invitations for the group graduation party.  I hope they write fast and get on down the road quickly because the other cousin is coming over to hang out and spend the night with me!  I had to scour a bathroom so she can shower in the morning - I am sure glad she lets goats come in her house because otherwise this bathroom would likely not pass her inspection.  It just does NOT come clean - EVER.  It's next on the evergrowinglistofshittodotothishouse.  Complete tear out and replacement.  Sad part is, it's the kids' primary bathroom - and I'll still have some nasty rotting bathroom in the master - one day.  One day - MY time will come!

That's it for now - the crazies will be here any minute! 

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