Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Findings

Yay for Friday!  It's definitely been a full moon week.  I can always tell it's a full moon because of the insanity levels of the requests that come through the phone lines at work AND because of my complete inability to cope with bullshit.  Because I'm aware of this, I try NOT to respond or react to much of anything during a full moon.  I just put it on the back burner and decide to deal with it until the moon wanes.  That approach seems to work to a certain extent.

My toe is not getting any better - I knew you were wondering.  But, all the skin has been eaten off by this acid concoction in a bottle. 

I didn't sleep well last night.  I don't know why.  I drank 3 beers and was VERY tired, but then couldn't sleep.  It was hot.  The air was still.  The husband had the house closed down like Ft. Knox in anticipation of a storm so there was absolutely no air movement.  Then the weather radio went off a few times and the dog's ears were bothering him so he was shaking his head quite a bit.  So I just decided to give up on it at 5:55 a.m.  That time is important because I was going to get in the shower at 6:10.  But - daughter #1 got up earlier, much earlier, than usual and is currently in the shower, where she's been for 20 minutes - draining the entire hot water tank.  It will be noon before I get showered now. 

On a positive note - the deck is functional again!!!  The awning looks great and blocks the sun just as we had expected and hoped.  I take back what I said earlier about my inlaws because it was actually my father-in-law that spent the last 3 days over here driving my husband to complete that project.  I appreciate that about him.  He likes to get shit done and pushes my husband to get moving.  AND also he mowed my grass while he was here!  Love those people!

Wednesday night the prodigal son informed me he's now flunking a required course.  It's exactly less than 10 school days before graduation and he's flunking a class and may not graduate.  I would be lying if I said I reacted calmly.  (See notes above about information received during full moon)  I wasn't totally crazy in my response to him, I merely suggested that he's going to look and feel like a fucking fool when we are all at the ceremony and he doesn't walk the stage.  And he'd feel even more stupid when he has to return all his gifts.  After about 10 minutes, I had to leave the room because my blood pressure was so high I thought the top of my head might pop right off. 

About 45 minutes later, he tells me he checked his grade online and now he's passing.  I didn't ask.  I just said, "oh Good."  I really need to learn to not get myself all in a tizzy over shit when dealing with him.  But the picture he'd painted about this teacher was pretty colorful and bleak and had me pretty riled up.  But life is like that - some people are easier to deal with than others - I've always made him fight his own battles and he's usually successful.  I didn't tell him, but I was about 2 seconds from fighting this one for him, because I was NOT going to have some bitch take away his ability to graduate - I NEED him to graduate.  Thank goodness I don't have to kick that teacher's ass afterall.  My toe hurts.

Oh!  Good news!  I may have gotten out of going on the Sams's Club shopping excursion with the crazies!!!  Yep!  I'm good.  Unfortunately, my excuse is that I need to attend the funeral of a friend's mom.  That part is not so exciting, but the fact that it perfectly conflicts with the shopping date is quite convenient! 

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  1. Are we related?? Seriously!! Both born under the same sign or some shit like that??? I was thinking maybe I should write a blog...since everybody else is...but when I read yours it's like my I don't need to bother!! I too have a son...graduating...unless he gets ONE MORE point on some stupid ass point system you rack up for unexcused absenses and tardies and stupid crap like that that doesn't mean dick to a teenager!! He laughs off my ranting to him about just how important this graduation is...because I taught him how to see the humor in life so it wouldn't take him under....I didn't mean ME!!! Anyhoo..he'll pull it off like he always does, in his lacksidaisy way...despite how many times I loose it and blow a gasket getting upset at him. Which basically gives him something to laugh about. SHITHEAD!!! He turns 18 today, and being my "baby" that makes me an old shit. Great!! Maybe that's why I can't seem to fall asleep at night...and then wake up at the crack of dawn because my bladder is screaming like a rooster. Full moon? I think it's just the moon in general...if we could get rid of that trouble making fucker maybe we'd all sleep well!!! LOL Hang in there for're such excellent insight into myself!! Happy May Day!!!
    On a good note..this crazy old woman has her first iris blooming in the yard and has spotted her first hummingbird, and indigo bunting (stupid little blue colored finch like bird that just makes me go ignorant with joy), so life is looking least for today!! ;)