Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sooo.Tired....and Stressed

The picture taking extravaganza was a huge success.  I'm not sure how many people were in the house - and I'm not sure I even saw all of them, to be honest.  13 girls plus their dates - so that's 26.  Plus a pretty good turnout of parents.  I'm not sure - likely 45-50 people?  All I know is once again we had the proverbial "we have GOT to knock down these walls" discussion afterward!  It was fun though and some of the parents stayed and it was nice to hang out and chat and get to know them better!  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Wrapped up a large project last week for work - what a relief that was.  The project had such a short time-frame on the whole thing had me completely stressed.  In the mix of the chaos, received the resignation of an employee so I now I have 10 days to hire, learn that person's job and then guess who will get to perform that job until the position is filled.  Yay. 

In the past week I have read and reviewed over 60 resumes.  It's no wonder the unemployment rates are so high.  Few people have decent skills or even common sense for that matter.  Don't email me from your current place of employment expressing to me your loyalty and dedication.  I don't buy it.  You're on their clock and dime - job hunting.  Not.Impressed.  Don't send me emails with cutesy background stationary just because you know how to set that setting in Microsoft Outlook.  It's a place of business - not your platform for your creative expression via your Outlook settings.  Not.Impressed.  The position is for an accountant.  The talents of creative and innovative are irrelevant - especially when you tell me you have found an innovative, creative means of accounting that has driven up your current employer's profit.  Hmmm.  Accounting is pretty well set in a basic set of principles.  Creativity and innovation just don't usually add any level of comfort to your ability to understand GAAP.  The list of moronic stunts I've seen in the last week could go on for days.  But it's quite clear to me that people are either 1)lacking skills or 2) not equipped with the know-how of expressing those skills.  Sad.

I called one gal to set up an interview - 5 minutes into the conversation and negotiating of the date/time, I was sorry I had even called her.  She had me working for her just on the interview scheduling.  I could already see how this one will turn out.  It will be a short interview - as I'm already off-put.  Not to mention her phone etiquette was horrendous and she had the personality of a door knob.  Maybe we'll get 8" of snow today and I'll just call and cancel her interview.  Bleh.

Of the 60 resumes I received - 4 are worth talking to further.  Well 3 actually since that one has me irritated.  Pathetic.  And frustrating. 

It will somehow all work out I'm sure.  It always does.  It's just another burden on ME until it does get worked out. 

I hear rumor from the husband that bathroom #1 remodel is going to begin next week - WOO HOOO!!!!!!!  Bring on the new, clean, functional bathrooms!  I.CANNOT.WAIT.  I also heard rumor he's going to have the blonde help him.  That should be interesting. 

Snow and 10 degrees today -the winter seems excessively long and tedious this year.  I'm not sure why - perhaps it's the 5 snow days the kids have already had?  I'm so thankful I get to avoid the elements 90% of the time - I'm spoiled that way.  I HATE cold weather.  And today it's bitterly cold - take your breath away - pierce your lungs- cold.  And guess what?  I have to get out in it - IN A DRESS AND HEELS.  God help me. 

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