Monday, February 21, 2011

How I Spent My Weekend

....  obviously I did what any well-organized, type A personality, person with entirely too much shit on their plate would do on a weekend when temps were in the 70's in mid February.....  laid in bed and stared at the ceiling and watching a "Hot in Cleveland" marathon.  Thank GOD I got all caught up on that show.  I'd never seen it, but fortunately every episode was aired yesterday so I was able to get completely caught up.  Mark that off my list of shit to do! 

I'm not sure what happened.  I was totally on the ball - organized - had plans - BIG plans - to get all the shit done and to spend some time with the girls.  And instead - I found myself so mentally overwhelmed that I couldn't function.  On Saturday I read two books - Twitter for Dummies (should have bought Twitter for Morons instead) and The Birth Order Book.  So when I got done, I found I was dumber than a dummy and confused as fuck by Twitter - PLUS - I had no clue who I was or why I am the way I am.  Confused and lost in a sea of words I'd read the day prior, I could do nothing on Sunday but stare blankly at the TV and the ceiling.  It was gloomy out - yet warm - but still the gray and doom was not helping my attitude or energy level at all.  So instead of feeling on top of my game and fulfilled when I went to bed - I felt grateful the day was over so I could hopefully sleep off the guilt of screwing up a perfectly good day. 

At 1:00 a.m. I woke up - the sheer number of tasks on my plate looming over my sleepy brain.  And it hit me - I believe Monday is a federal holiday - which means NO MAIL and NO BANKING - woo hooo - I had found a task that I could remove from my plate for the day - NOW I believe I can tackle Monday.  As I sit here and think it through - it does seem doable.  And it also occurred to me that it's possible I feel so overwhelmed and shitty in general because I ate an entire fucking crescent roll cheesecake over the weekend.  And have slipped back into shitty eating habits and haven't seen my treadmill in nearly two weeks.  I hope to hell that cheesecake is all gone - if it's not I'm going to throw it in the trash because it is EVIL.  And has caused me more pain than I have ever imagined.  I hate you cheesecake.  But I also wonder what you would taste like if cocoa were added to your filling to make you a chocolate crescent roll cheesecake.  My God but you're sinful.  See what I mean?  It's control over me is frightening.  I must remove it and all reminders of it from this house and my mind immediately.  And I must spend some quality time with my treadmill - I'll probably sweat cream cheese.  So if you see me sitting around licking my arms  - it's the cheesecake.  Honest.  It is.

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