Friday, February 4, 2011

So Long Dolt!

So after my ranty post about Facebook the other day, I found myself liquored up later that night - which was totally unrelated to Facebook and also totally unintentional.  I didn't mean to be liquored up - but it just hit me that way and so that's where I was.  Anyway - there I was - liquored up - and ranting AGAIN about Facebook.  Seriously, because I have NOTHING more important or pressing going on in my life, I have to rant about Facebook for a full 24 hours - well actually more because in theory, I'm still ranting if I'm still writing, right?  Right.  ANYWAY - there I was all liquored up - (did I already say that part?) - and I hopped on Facebook and just started unfriending people.  People with whom I'm really not familiar.  I think we must have gone to high school together or something - but seriously I have no clue who they are.  The name is familiar - but not the face. AND they're not interesting. 

Because of the liquored-up state I was in - I honestly have no clue WHO I deleted or how many of them were actually deleted.  But I know I felt very smug as I was going through the process.  And to Paige - you are not the former employee of whom I mentioned previously.  And your mother is at least interesting.  You two survived the cut.  And Misfit - you can stalk me all I want.  That's fine.  You're not bothering me.  And I had to keep all the young people - because they're a great means to my creepin' cause when it comes to trying to cipher out what my kids are up to.  But the lame adults - gone.  Buh bye. 

Winter formal is tomorrow  - and I'm not totally pissed and stressed.  I still can't explain why.  I think half the sophomore class is coming to my house to take pictures.  Well - I mean to have their picture taken.  I was going to clean the house but now I am thinking there will be so many people in the house that no one will be able to even see the floor anyway so it seems rather silly to go to all that effort.  I wonder though if I should have the husband knock out a few walls or build a large studio prior to then?  The list keeps growing and growing.  Funny how these people travel in packs.  I had no clue.  It should be a ball to see them all together though!! 

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