Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tonight's the big night!!  Snowball!!!  The brunette is having half the sophomore class over for pictures before the big event - it's fun watching them actually - I'll be honest - I enjoy watching them.  I enjoy watching HER.  She's so.... at ease.  Confident.  Sure of herself. 

The other day we were at the beauty shop getting our hairs done and as I sat in the chair while the gal put tin foil in my hair - I could no longer see the brunette in the waiting area.  Where did she go?  Where is she?  So we walked out there and there she was - on the floor - in front of the fireplace - with her homework spread out all around her.  Just perfectly at home. In the beauty shop. And in her own skin.  Had her shoes kicked off, her music playing on her phone.  Plugging away on her studies.  LOVE.THAT.GIRL!

Last night was the big crowning of the snowball royalty.  The brunette couldn't attend because she had to work.  Not once did she complain.  She had a smile on her face the entire drive to work and smiled and kissed me on her way out of the car.  She worked until 8:30 then we dropped her off at the big game - and there was at that game - in her work uniform, stinking of grease and onion and likely didn't have a care in the world.  LOVE.THAT.GIRL!!

Her date tonight is a friend of hers.  A chubby little short guy.  She's donning 4" heels and will no doubt tower above him.  And she rocks her dress like Fergie.  When I suggested she might be taller than her date, she said, "Well - I guess he better get some heels then."  LOVE.THAT.GIRL!!

Confident.  Kind hearted.  Sure of herself.  Knows what she wants.  Doesn't falter for anyone.  I pray that's the way she stays..........

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