Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a week....

Wait.  It's only Tuesday.  It seems like it should be about Thursday.  And I'm sorry - but it does not FEEL like Christmas week.  At all.  The blonde and the brunette haven't started their Christmas break yet and the prodigal son has been locked in his room playing Xbox since he came home last week.  And the husband is working.  So it's pretty much me and the dog pal - hanging out.  Listening to Christmas music.  And not feeling festive. 

And everyone is so damned grumpy.  Is it because it's a full moon?  I hope they all get over it soon - or better yet - just leave me the hell alone.  Seems that every person I deal with during the days is shitty.  And mean.  And just basically an asshole.  I thought maybe it was just ME - but others have commented on the overall grumpiness that abounds also.  I have tried and tired to disconnect from work this week - but the onslaught of emails and requests just keep pouring in.  And each one is shittier than the last.  I wish to hell they'd all take a break and go spread their joy elsewhere. 

I am going to go spread some festiveness to my dog.  Maybe bedazzle him a bit.  He'll enjoy that!

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