Monday, December 13, 2010


So this morning, the blonde was preparing to leave for school and I gathered her up and said, "Here honey - let mommy zip your coat for you - it's freezing out there - you'll need it zipped up."  As I zipped her coat, she forlornly said, "All my friends are able to zipper their coats by themselves and I'm not."

Well, some mothers MIGHT have used that as a teaching opportunity.  But I'm not THAT kind of mother.  So I quickly replied:

"Sweetie - that is because all of the other mothers are lazy and don't love their children as much as I love you.  If they did love their children as much as I love you and if they weren't so damned lazy - they would be zippering their children's coats also." 

HA!  I WIN!!!! 

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