Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And then I accidentally got drunk..........

On Nyquil.  Who knew?  It wasn't the liquid kind - it was the gel cap kind.  And I guess I normally take that stuff then head on to bed....but last night I took it, then remembered the Sing Off was on and I wanted to watch it.  And I was drunk.  And getting drunker by the second.  I couldn't remember who was who and what they were singing.  But I remember they were good.  Or so it seemed, in my drunken state.  I won't make that mistake again.... but since I'm not hung over this morning, maybe I'll just start taking Nyquil instead of Whiskey when I want to get a buzz on.  It's a consideration.  Of sorts.

After I bragged blogged about staying on budget with my online shopping yesterday, I got on Amazon and ordered another round of goodies for people.  I think that I'm officially done with my ordering shopping.  That means all gifts should arrive here by the 14th and I can get them all wrapped and put the wrapping supply mess away and get my dining room back in order!  Today I need to run to Hobby Lobby and get some frames - they're on sale this week, like they are every other week.  And I might go to Kohl's for a sweater.  And I see I have 3 meetings on my agenda.  And I have to wrap up a project for an all-day meeting tomorrow. And somewhere in there the brunette and I need to go by and clean the office.

I've been listening to Christmas music now for several days. I did finally go out and purchase the Martina McBride Christmas CD because I'd heard enough of it on Pandora that I determined it was worth the purchase.  And it was only $7 thankyouverymuch Walmarts! 

Well, evidently I have nothing interesting nor funny to add to this - so that's it for now - perhaps I'll run into some humor along the way today and share it with you!

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