Friday, December 17, 2010

More on Don

You may or may not recall a few weeks ago when I told you about Don.  Well, he was my sacker again this week.  And this time I was determined to NOT get irritated with him.  He cannot help it if his brain gets stuck in a loop on one subject matter.  It's just not his fault.  And I love the way he sacks my groceries - so I still go to his line.  He had a helper today - it was the other dude - the one that puts each item in its own bag.  It annoys me - but he is also "special" - so I tolerate it - and the eleventy nine hundred bags I end up with.  Anyway - the non-Don asked if I wanted help out and I decided I did - because it was cold and the buggy was pretty heavy.  Well non-Don was NOT happy.  He tried to kill me with his eyes.  But then Don piped in and said, "I can do it - I'll help you out - I have on a sweater"  - so off we went.  Me & Don.

As soon as we hit the door, I turned to Don and asked, "Are you sure you'll be okay without your coat, Don?  It's pretty cold out.."

No - no - I'll be fine - I've had an awful lot of coffee today.  I like coffee - I tend to drink too much of  it on most days and sometimes that is all I have because I get so busy drinking the coffee I just forget to do anything else - so I'm pretty warm from all that coffee and all and it's mainly because I really like coffee - and I don't realize how much I've had and.......

OH HELL NO DON!  We are NOT having a repeat of last time I was here when you totally pissed me off because your brain got stuck in a loop and then I felt shitty guilty for a week for having mean thoughts about you.  OH HELL NO!

So - I turned to Don and interrupted, "Do you eat Don?  Do you like food?"

Yes.. I like food. Sometimes I like food too much and I can't stop eating food - I do love food.  All kinds of food actually - see I like to eat food.  It's a weakness of mine.  Food.  I like food - all ki...

So DON - what else do you like?

Music.  I love music.  I love to listen to music.  Especially when I eat food.  But I listen to music all the time - I'd be listening to the music right now if I could because I love music.  It makes me happy - I love mu.

What kind of music Don?

All kinds - I love all kinds of music - I really do - I love music - all kinds of music - they're all pretty much my favorite - because I love music and it really doesn't matter what kind of music it is - I love it all - because I just love mu..

Don!  Let's put these bags from my trunk into the back seat.

And he did - and then he narrated what he was doing with my groceries - how he was putting them into my trunk and where things belong and I heard him say that sometimes he knows a few things - not often - but sometimes he really does know some stuff and he knows what he's talking about - although not often - but in this instance - the other sacker had put glass items in a single bag and that was ALL WRONG - glass goes in double bags - and that's the way it's done - he doesn't know much - but he knows how to sack groceries and he knows a few things here and there and that's one thing he DOES know.

I stood there in the cold - listening to Don - forcing him out of his brain loops - insisting he move the conversation forward with me.  I wanted to hug him.  But since I'd already kissed the granny cashier for carding me  - I couldn't bring myself to hug Don.  But I really wanted to.  I wished him a Merry Christmas - and he returned the greeting to me - and off he went - through the parking lot - talking.  Likely about Christmas as that was our last topic.  I love Don.  Every time I drive home from the grocery store - I am filled with joy and warm feelings - and it's because of people like Don and the lovely granny who carded me - I love my store.  I can't wait to go back!!!

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