Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I survived!

The mall opens at 9 a.m. during the Holidays!!!  YAY!!!  The brunette's ortho appointment is at 8:30 - it will take about 2 minutes - then we can head straight to the mall!  I think that's one thing that normally irritates me about the mall - WAITING FOR IT TO OPEN.  But not today friends - not today.  It will be open and waiting for me!  HA MALL!  I win!!!

We DID go to the blonde's Christmas program and the brunette went and she did NOT have a shitty attitude about it!  She offered to fix the blonde's hair - and get her ready - whilst I ran frantically around the house looking for a shirt that was purchased for the blonde to wear to the program.  It's gone.  I have no idea where it is.  None.  I have a feeling the blonde disposed of it so she wouldn't have to wear it - because it had lace on the bottom and girl does hate lace.  But I've lost shit before that turned out to be right in front of my face - so who knows where it really is.  I don't care anymore - it's over and done with!  The program was not horrible - well at least not until the older kids performed and conducted a play/skit.  Then I could only last for 1/2 of that shit and we left.  The older kids  - bleh.  They've lost their lust for singing and act bored and it's miserable to watch.  I think you have to HAVE a child that age to appreciate the whole thing.  If you don't know the kids - they're NOT cute to watch like the little ones are.  The little ones are so cute - and excited - and sing with all of their heart! 

And as I watched them sing - tucked in between the brunette and the husband - each of them alternating their tapping on my shoulder - the brunette bringing my attention to a child dressed in an unfortunate dress that looked like Bo Peep - the husband teary eyed and reminding me that the kids grow up so fast - it was hard for me to have any feelings other than I was glad for the perfect seat I snagged - where I could set up my tri-pod and get some pictures - and praying I didn't snap and yell at the kid behind me who was continually kicking  my seat.  And when it was time for us to leave - a sense of relief  I MADE IT!!!!  I got through another Christmas program!  And I beat those fuckers at their own game.  The note said to arrive at 6:45 - which I did last year.  Only to find EVERY parking space and EVERY seat taken.  And the damned thing is held at the HIGH SCHOOL to accommodate the crowd.  REALLY?  REALLY?

So this year - I got there at 6:15 - HA!  Front row parking AND a perfect seat in the balcony!!  It's only taken me 13 years - but I have this gig down now!!  You cannot over over-achieve me.  I will beat you at your game!!! 

I laughed as I looked around at the people.  Many were holding a single flower - to give to their child after the performance.  Seriously?  It's an elementary school Christmas program.  There were no auditions and all the kids are REQUIRED to participate.  This giving of the flower to a child after this type of performance - it's THIS SHIT that causes them to expect pomp and circumstance on the night of their Sophomore year homecoming equivalent to that of Lady Di's wedding.  This celebration of every move.  It's over-the-top in my opinion.  Or maybe I'm just a sour old wretch.  They have graduations from pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school - and each one comes with about the same pomp as high school graduation.  I've bitched about this before I think.  But when we look at the kids that are coming out of high school and college and we ask, "why are they so lazy? Why do they not understand you have to work for something to achieve results?" 

Well.... it started when you had them wearing the mortar board and tassle when they passed pre-school at the age of 4.  That's why.  And threw roses on the stage when they sang Jingle Bells in kindergarten.  And when you rented them a limo for their 6th grade graduation?  Well that pretty much sealed the deal.  The brunette is coming up on 16 - I do want to do something special for her.  And I will likely do something a little over the top - just because I know it's a big deal for her - to feel special on her Sweet 16 - but please know when I do it - I won't necessarily be in agreement with it!

Okay - I'm off - - - to the MALL!!!!

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