Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday Shot to Hell

So I had a major list of shit I really wanted to accomplish on Friday.  Most of it was related to work - projects I want to get wrapped up before Monday morning.  Some related to home.  The ONLY thing I got accomplished was going to the grocery store though.  Why?  Well, I will show you why:

THAT was right outside my house.  And somehow - I missed the whole event when it happened.  I was on the phone - I got off the phone.  The dog was barking - I opened the front door and was like - WTF IS THAT?  I looked closer and it was a car - in the culvert.  So I hurried and called 911 - they assured me they'd already been notified and help was on the way - and then they told me the driver was out of the car and uninjured.  Good enough.

And as I was about to carry on with my life - I looked out again - because I'm nosey like that - and noticed a kid sitting on the curb.  Well FUCK - it's a kid.  Now I HAVE to go out there and see if he's okay for myself.  And so I did.  Two other passersby had pulled him out and one was still there standing with him.  I talked to him and took care of him for the 1/2 hour it took the damned cops to show up - and then his mom showed up and I entertained the two of them.  FOR 4 HOURS.  It took 4 HOURS to get the report filed, the road measured and the damned tow truck to get the car out of the culvert.

It was nice out today -about 60 probably - so I didn't really mind standing out there with them.  I offered them sodas and allowed them to use my bathroom and when it was finally all over - they both hugged me.  I felt warm and fuzzy and good. I  no longer cared that I hadn't accomplished anything I'd set out to accomplish that day.  Instead - I'd accomplished something so much larger than I ever set out to do - I offered fellowship to strangers in need. For that young man (a senior in high school) to approach me and HUG ME at the end of the ordeal - it just really really warmed my heart and soul and I felt so....

Human.  Complete.  Happy.... BLESSED.  To have made a difference in someone else's life. Now if I could just figure out how to treat my family members with the same grace............

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