Friday, December 10, 2010

Ramblings around the house

The water lines to the washer have sprung a leak somewhere - so this is how my washer has looked for two days:

That does NOT make me happy.  What you cannot see, but does exist, is a large hole cut out of the wall below the valves now.  I'm unsure as to why that was necessary - but the husband assures me it was.  I think he was just in the mood to tear some shit up.  It's his favorite part of any job and of late - he's just been "fixing" and not destroying - so I think he just needed to tear something up.  He assures me he'll have it fixed today.  I'm not holding my breath because every day he tells me it'll get done - then announces he's missing a part he really needs to complete the task.  I think it's his way of controlling me.  I'm paranoid like that.

But I'm not going to let that get me down and spoil my holiday spirit!  No no no siree!  So I took a walk around the house to look at my favorite Christmas decorations.  I'll share them with you here.

I love this shiny little purple tinsel tree!  It makes me smile every time I see it!  So I put it in the bathroom for all to enjoy!  There's just something about purple Christmas decor that draws me in - it's so.....unexpected!

And I love this wooden picture - the neutral colors - it's so serene and understated in its beauty.  It's got a touch of glitter on it which captures your attention and just draws you in.  I purchased it at a local GARDEN store several years ago.  Since then, I return to that store annually - to see what other treasure they might have for me!

I love these silly gals with their purses and extreme hats!  Their colors are great also - kind of a lime green with red - again - totally unexpected and whimsical!  And this great red glittered "Believe" sign.  I've never assembled these 4 pieces in this arrangement - but this year it just came to me - and I love it!

A tin print of passed out Santa - it makes me laugh every time I look at it.  I bought it in a year I could totally relate and it was my favorite piece that year.  I don't really share this sentiment this year - but it still makes me smile, so I displayed it anyway.

And last up:

My sweet canine buddy.  He's not allowed on the furniture - but since I started working from home - he has claimed this chair as his own (hence the throw over it) because he can sit in it and watch both me at my desk AND see out the window and keep an eye on the goings on outside.  It's his daily post.  He also ALWAYS carries a stuffed animal (or 5) in his mouth at all times. This happened to be the one he lifted from the blonde's room on that day.  He makes me smile and brings me happiness throughout each day - he listens to me and seems to really appreciate me.  And I appreciate him and his innocent face!
Have a great day!

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