Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unsolved Mystery....

WTF is the fascination with going out to eat amongst teenagers?  I don't get it.  It's no wonder more than 2/3 of them are overweight.  Is there some mysterious draw to fast food?  I spend hundreds of dollars each month on groceries.  I make up menus in advance, I try to get a good variety of healthy  foods that the kids enjoy.  And yet, I find myself forking over additional money ALL.THE.TIME for fucking fast food.  It pisses me off.  That's what it does.  And starting in 2011 - shit's gonna change.  You don't need any of that greasy, high fat, no nutritional value shit.  Food is provided - - - at home.  It's those goddamned school lunches - that's what it is.  It gives them a load of carbs and then their little bodies are screaming out for more!  Must run to Sonic after school - must get carbs!  Must have them - - - NOW!!!

With the Prodigal Son - it's different.  He has a meal plan with his dorm - as I recall it was quite expensive.  But I'm guessing he sleeps through the meals and misses them - so then he goes out to eat and next thingyaknow - he's spent his gettin' home gas money on fucking fast food.  Nevermind the meal plan.  Nevermind the fact that I buy him extra snacks and shit that he doesn't need.  He spends all the money on fast food.  I think he burned $2,500 or so on fast food last summer.  Uhhhh - that was your college spending money dumbass.  And you fucking ate it.

So for 2011 - it's a new day for me.  I'm not shelling out anymore money for fast food (unless they are on a field trip or something - then of course they have to eat and I understand that) - they can fucking eat the food that is provided and already paid for.  Then, once a month, me the husband - we're taking that extra cash and we're going out to eat so I have one night where I don't have to cook or clean.  Fuck it.  Its MY money - I worked my ass off to get it and by God, I'm spending it on ME.

You can eat peanut butter & jelly or go hungry.

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