Friday, December 31, 2010

One last thing....

Is it wrong that I just don't really care that it's New Year's Eve?  It doesn't seem that long ago that I would look forward to this evening with great anticipation and excitement!  Shopping for the perfect bling to wear, buying hats and noise makers and fireworks.  Cleaning and cooking and setting up my house with festive decor for the evening.  And today?  Bleh.  Don't care.  Threw on some jeans and a white sweater and declared it to be my outfit for the day/night.  The husband asked why I was all dressed up to cook and clean.  Uhhhhhhh - I don't know what you had in mind for me today - but I'm really not doing that much cooking OR cleaning.  I may wipe down the bathroom.  And sweep the kitchen floor.  And throw some appetizers out of the freezer into the oven.  But other than that, I'm not doing a damned thing. 

I was actually thinking about starting my party at noon and wrapping it up around 8 p.m.  Because there's something that happens at midnight.  Everyone gets a second wind and the next thing you know - - it's 4 a.m.  And you feel like ass all day the next day.  And sleep away yet another day of your life.  My heart's just not in it this year.  The brunette is going to a party and then coming back here - so I'll worry about her all night until she gets home.  With the drunks on the road.  We've already informed our party goers to plan on spending the night here - the thought of them on the road just makes me sick. 

I don't feel like loud music.  Or booze.  Or laughter.  Or singing.  I feel like curling up in my jammie pants and watching movies.  I'm old.  WAHHHHHHHHHHHH

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