Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Found It!!!

Y'all remember back when I was a total fuck up and discovered I'd left an entire laundry basket of dry cleaning AT the dry cleaners?  Yeh.  That was fucking genius on my part.  So, last week in the flurry of graduation preparations, I ran out to the store to get the husband some new slacks - since I totally left his at the cleaners and he didn't have any.  Slacks are pretty fucking exciting, so after he took them out of the bag and said, "thanks" - he went to hang them in his closet.  At which time, he pulls out the fucking slacks I'd left at the cleaners.  What.the.Fuck????  How could it be?  How the hell did those get in his closet?  I'd totally already told him I'd lost them at the cleaners and apologized emphatically.  How did he get them back? 

So I said, "Huh.  Now that is weird.  I thought I lost those for you?  But that doesn't really explain what happened to the other clothes we're missing - the dress shirts, those two black dresses of mine and some other shit I cannot for the life of me recall what it even is but I miss it every day and wish I had it back." 

And as I'm carrying on and on about how I lost that other shit at the cleaners and for the life of me do not know how those slacks made it back into his closet, I'm walking along in our bedroom and all of a sudden, I see it. The white laundry basket that I've looked frantically for for a month and determined I've left at the cleaners and is gone forever:

Now.  I walk into that room AT LEAST 10 times a day.  It's part of our bathroom.  And evidently that basket has been sitting there so fucking long that it's now just become part of the permanent fixtures of the room and I do not even fucking notice it.  EVER.  So I start laughing when I see it - and I call the husband in and say, "Come here and look at this!"

Husband:  What?
Me:  Do I see it?
Husband:  Do you see what?
Me:  That basket?
Husband:  What basket?
Me:  That white one - the one sitting right the fuck there - the one with our lost dry cleaning in it?

At that point we both about died laughing at how fucking blind we both have been and the whole situation adds a very welcome dose of levity to the stress of graduation!  I mean seriously?  Jesus. Clean the bathroom once in a while and you might fucking notice a laundry basket sitting on the floor.  So in the end, I'm actually a BIGGER dumbass than I originally thought. 


  1. You are NOT crazy... it was clearly hidden by little people. They put a lit on top of it which ALMOST completely camouflaged it.

  2. Well I appreciate the gesture of encouragement, however I'm still crazy and we all know it. It's okay - I'm actually starting to really enjoy my nuttiness and also it gives me an excuse to wear stupid hats and asinine clothes!

  3. ROFLMAO...this is just the thing I needed to come home and read after my happy little day. Oh I am soooo much better now!!! Thanks ever so muchly!! I'm not even gonna feel bad the next time I pour a cup of coffee at home and loose the fucking thing before I've had a chance to drink it!!!