Wednesday, May 12, 2010


That should be on the "the list" - it really should because there have been a few times this week when I've found myself forgetting to breathe.  I start to feel faint and dizzy and my fingers are turning purple and I'm all What.the.fuck is wrong with me?  Then it occurs to me - SHIT!  I haven't breathed in like 15 minutes - Jesus.  It's a wonder I'm even still alive. 

Here's an update on the list:

See.  It ALREADY looks like I'm almost done with everything!  YAY!  I think there is even some shit that got done but never made it to the list.  As soon as I remember what it was, I'm going to add it and immediately cross it off.  I like to do that - to show just how fucking amazing and efficient I am.  Most of the stuff that remains on the list at this point cannot be done until the last minute or day before - so I'm feeling pretty damned good about all of it.  Now, we've been threatened with shitty weather all week and since shit's getting in order this really pisses me off.  If I've put myself out doing all this work and end up with my house and yard disorganized because of a fucking tornado I'm going to be REALLY fucking pissed.  Of course, if it results in a new paid-for-by-insurance roof on the house, I think I can get over it pretty damned quickly.  I'm really torn on whether I should pray for the shitty weather or pray that it stays away.  Graduation vs Roof.  It's really a toss up to me.  I mean, maybe everyone would feel sorry for us and come over and clean up the yard and recover all my belongings from the neighboring yards WHILE I'm at graduation? 

I dunno.  I've played it out several different ways in my head and I just cannot arrive at the perfect scenario.  I guess I shouldn't stay awake at night worrying about it and focus on more important things - like ummm - SLEEPING? 

So, remember on the "the list" - one of the items was to make another list?  Genius, I know.  So I tackled that item and now have this "other" list:

Jesus.  That's a whole lot of shit to buy.  And there's more on another page that I didn't photograph.  I know, I wanted to spare you all from your feelings of inadequacy from cowering in my shadow of wonder and amazingness. 

Welp, no further time to belittle you all.  I must get back to "the list".................

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