Thursday, May 20, 2010

I totally almost wrecked my car trying to turn this song off. There should be laws against this.

As I was driving along today I heard the song "Eye of the Tiger" and it reminded me how much I fucking hate that song.  Seriously.  HATE IT.  First off, I don't even fucking understand the song or what it means.  Secondly, we did a dance routine to it in high school cheer so I'm pretty sure I already heard it like 10,000 times in my life and NEVER need to hear it again.  EVER. 

Here is a list of 9 other songs I fucking hate and never want to hear again posted in random order because I hate them all equally (I mean is there REALLY a need to rate different levels of hatred?):

  1. Tim McGraw - "Don't Take the Girl" - normally a devout Tim McGraw fan, this song is an intolerable illustration of just how whiney this man can be. The only other thing he can do to make me vomit in my own mouth is show up at a concert with that bimbo of a wife of his. 
  2. Nena - "99 Luftballoons" - I don't even know what a "luftballoon" is - so I certainly don't understand why she's singing about 99 of them.
  3. Sammy Hagar - "I Can't Drive 55" - #1 I hate the "Red Rocker" and anything he sings - but seriously - I can't drive 55?  Nuff said.
  4. Styxx - "Mr. Roboto" - normally a fan of Styxx but sorry guys - I'm not lovin' this one.
  5. Peter Gabriel - "Sledgehammer" - and all of Peter Gabriel's other songs and ridiculously asinine videos that go with them.
  6. Eric Carmen - "All By Myself" - Just listen to it - I won't need to explain my hatred toward it after that.
  7. Donna Summer - "Macarthur Park" - Someone left the cake in the rain - wah wah wah - Shut.the.fuck.up and go get the damned cake out of the rain.
  8. Genesis - "I Can't Dance" - and you can't sing either - don't leave that part out.
  9. I cannot even believe I'm putting this on here - but it's true - I hate this song - sorry my lover Kenny Chesney - "She thinks my tractor's sexy" - for all the right things you've done over the years and for all the love I've showered on you - Please - for the love of God and little baby Jesus - STOP playing this song!!
What songs do you love to hate??  Please share with me!!


  1. Yes Yes and Yes...but Sledge Hammer??? See the problem was you were allowed to watch MTV and it ruined you....with no video the song actually makes some killer music to mop the kitchen floor to...but really...I like BIG TIME far better!! That's as far as my Peter Gabriel goes...besides...we've already established England Dan and John Ford Coley are the singing tunes of this century!!
    Can't help but give you a little shit about the absolute let down I'm having over your newsletter about the graduation go on and on...and should I say it...ON about this party and all the planning and the bitch from hell and then......nothing...nada...what the hell happened??!!!! Oh I am so disapointed I'm gonna have to clean out the rest of the Bud Lite Lime in the fridge just to make it thru.....ahmemmmmmmmm.... unless of course you'd like to give us a play by play....we are all of us ....waiting!!!!!!

  2. Allowed to watch MTV? ALLOWED? I was commanded to stay awake ALL NIGHT recording that shit on the BETA MAX using a remote control that really wasn't remote at all - it was a controller attached to a long ass cord that plugged into said Beta Max. And when my dad went to bed, he would wake me up and inform me it was now my "shift" - to record every fucking music video there was - because you just never know when this type of new fangled shit is going to go by the wayside so we gotta get it all on tape. Years later he moved it all over to VHS. I'm waiting for it to come out on Blue Ray so I can watch it. I posted an update on graduation - just for you! Enjoy! It's not as good as getting the tweets had I started a twitter account as I went into that weekend, but it's the best my foggy memory can do at this stage! I can clean out a fridge of Bud Lite Lime too - throw it all in the trash. Not a fan. But you just sit back and drink 'em down - hopefully they make me funnier!