Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay, since I blogged about the songs I hate the VERY most in the whole world here, I thought it was only fair that I also share with you the 10 songs I LOVE LOVE LOVE and can never get enough of - EVER and if you ever come to my house - I will sing them all to you - over and over and over!!!

Again, in random order because I cannot assign a level of love:

  1. Don McLean - "American Pie" - I think I originally loved it because it talked about whiskey - which is really an odd thing for a 7 year old to get excited about but maybe it was just a sign of things to come later in life.
  2. America - "Sister Golden Hair" - I don't even have to explain this one to you - it's just fuckingchockfullofawesomeness.
  3. Neil Diamond - "Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show" - yep.  Neil Diamond.  Refused to leave the concert (YES CONCERT shut up) until he sang it.  He's small and was scared of me so he obliged but not until the VERY end.
  4. J. Lo - "I'm Real" - Don't judge.  It reminds me of a time in my life that was very unhappy and then I found my now husband and it was "our song" - I can breathe again - and that's exactly how I felt and everytime I hear it now - I feel that way all over again.
  5. Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car" - " I remember we were driving driving in your car.  The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk."  You know you sing along with it also.
  6. Dr. Hook/The Looking Glass - "Brandy" - Poor thing.  She loved that sailor - but he loved the sea more than her.  All he gave her was that damned locket made of the finest silver from the north of Spain.
  7. England Dan/John Ford Coley - Dammit you people are judgmental STOP! - "I'd Really Love to See you Tonight" - I'm NOT going to explain myself on this one - I just love it!
  8. Heart - "Crazy on You" - there's something about this song cranked up full blast in the car that just does it for me - likely because of my amazing ability to hit all the same notes right along with them
  9. Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney - "The Girl is Mine" - be sure to rewind the part where Paul says, "I don't believe it" - over and over and over and over and make everyone else LOVE this part by your continual rewinding and replaying - people enjoy that! 
  10. REO Speedwagon - "Time for Me to Fly" - and no matter how old you are and how many years since your last heartbreak - you WILL sing it like you're livin' it - trust me on this.
  11. Okay - and one more just for good measure because I cannot leave it off - Journey - "Lights" - another one that requires NO explanation.
Go download all of them - and listen to them and think of me when you do!  You can pay your gratitude to me in booze.  Kthanks.

UPDATE:  Add to the list because it is too good of a sing-along song to NOT be included:  Dr. Hook (yes another one) - "Cover of the Rolling Stone."

What are some of your all-time favorite songs that you MUST sing to every time you hear them?


  1. What??? No Roger Miller?? I am so very diapointed in you!! And a little concerned as well...No Stevie Ray Vaughn in your list? Like you can sit still to Pride and Joy...which by the way is to be played at my funeral to make sure I'm good and dead...I'd have to be not to dance to that!!
    No Lynard Synard??? The Breeze???? Oh come on and dig my Georgia peaches sweet thang!!
    No Pink Floyd? Run like Hell is a classic!! "Cause if they find you in the back seat tryin' to pick her lock, they're gonna sent you back to mother in a card board box, you'd better ruuunnnnnannnnnn" Good Lord!!
    No Rush??? New World Man reminds me of my son and it would you too if you listen to all the words!!
    And don't even get me started on Marvin Gaye or Motown...they are all my favorite depending on which one is playing and I'm singing along to.
    Reo....thank GOD YES YES....but 157 Riverside Ave is my all time fav of their's And Journey, whewwwww yep yep yep....In the heat with a blue jean girl, burning love comes once in a life time....yeah, Stone in Love is this girls fav.
    Tracy Chapman rocks too!! :) But I think I'm more of a Give me one Reason girl, cause it's just so much more R & B and that's where I hang my hat.
    Heart...oh yes...but I'm a Magic Man girl
    Dan and John...oh hell yes...anything they have done...just cooooooo it out to me boys!!!
    If we are gonna go Paul McCartney...I'm gonna have to go old school and say Black Bird...sorry it's just always been mine.
    Brandy is a classic they should make every child in grade school learn all the words to!!
    And I was gonna really give you shit over Neil Diamond...till I stopped to consider that I know most of the words to all his songs....hummmmmmm wonder what that means??!!!
    And yes, I am sprouting a few gray hairs, so I'll drive your limo for you anytime my sweetness!!! LMAO
    But the all time favorite is James Taylor...just pick an album and spin it honey, I love it all...I don't think the man can sing a song I won't listen to...and to watch him in concert is killer!! Sopose that's why I have a daughter named Tayler??? Could be!! LOL Well those are my musical thoughts after a couple days of hell at work and a trip thru Walmart tonight...glad it's bedtime around here. Good Lord...I just looked around and realized I am surrounded by sleeping dogs, cats and husbands...guess I'll follow suit!!

  2. I musta been dead on my feet when I posted the above....forgot to bring up Greg Allman..nobody growls out a song like he can, but my favorite is Jessica...which has no words at all...go figure!! And ZZ could I have left my bearded wonders off the list???? Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha...that's my most favorite profound line from them...And Kansas, had ALL their albums...I think I got cheap and just bought the greatest hits CD.
    Okay so we need to move on now, before I think about this somemore and come up with others lurking just out of reach in my brain!!

  3. Damn it...I told you it was time to move on...I forgot my girls!! Somebody slap me. Joni Mitchel...ALL OF THEM!! And Mary Chapin Carpenter...Why walk when you can fly is my fav of her's. Alanis ROCKS!! Cause I got one hand in my pocket and...God only knows what I doing with the other one...LMAO I'm not into country much...but I'll listen to Reba sing anything...why is that? And don't you judge either, but I just rock out cleaning house to the Dixie Chicks...gotta thing for a good fiddle and that little girl can belt out a song I have to sing along with!! Okay..somebody stop's time to walk away from the computer!!!

  4. Um, nobody mentioned Justin bieber! WTF ! Or Ashley Simpson!

  5. See - it's HARD to think of just 10 all-time favorites, isn't it? Because I keep thinking of more and more that need to be on the list! Shari - I'm also surprised that Justin Bieber and Ashley Simpson haven't made the list. Or what about poor Miley Cyrus? But I DO love me "Party in the USA"!! I admit it. I'm a whore.

  6. I feel the same about J LO!!!