Thursday, June 24, 2010

Liberation and Hope

Well, I finally committed to reading those books I was talking about the other day.  I didn't have much to do at work that was terribly pressing, so I seized that opportunity to crack open the "Work Sucks and How to Fix It" book by Cali Ressler ; Jody Thompson.  And as I was reading it, I paused to check email and noticed I had an email from Cali Ressler herself!  Remember I told you I had emailed them at and then a day or two later, one of their team members commented on my blog because Google Alerts notified him that I had blogged about them?  Remember all that?  Well if not, just read a few of most recent posts and you'll get a refresher. 

So there it was - in my inbox - Cali Ressler was emailing me AS I was reading her book!  And she was asking if we could have a conference call!!!  I am so freakin' excited right now!  So, I told her how I was reading the book right at the moment and how I was on like page 47 or something like that, and that I was certain I could have the book read by next week so I would love to chat with her on the phone!  I wanted to jump up and yell out to everyone - HEY!!! Cali Ressler wants to talk to me!!  But no one there knows who she is (yet) and besides they likely wouldn't care.  Or maybe they would.  Perhaps I don't give them enough credit.

So, I continued my reading and by 2:30 I was so "into" the whole ROWE concept, that I stood up, shut down my computer, picked up my things and came home to finish reading the book while laying in my pool.  It was a beautiful day with low humidity and frankly - I can read the book outside just as well as I can inside.  I didn't feel guilty - I didn't explain why I left.  I simply said "good bye" and walked out.  I had shared the information and book title with my colleague and he was pretty excited about it also.  And as I was reading the book and enjoying my pool, I got an email from him - telling me he could get behind something like this 100% - I replied back:  "I've already adopted it - I'm at home reading the book while floating in my pool."  I didn't hear back from him.  He was likely jealous. 

Anyway - so I'm thinking that I'll start another blog - one that documents my efforts and learnings about this ROWE concept - As soon as I get that up and going, I'll return to posting about daily bullshit that annoys me on this one so y'all can get your fix from my rants.  I'll give you the link to the other one I start also - but I'd really like to keep the two separate.  Because I'm not yet done bitching and entertaining y'all with my daily musings on life!

Oh - and since it was only 5:00 when I finished the Work Sucks book, I went ahead and started on the No Assholes book.  I finished it also- mainly because I ended up just skimming through it - it was such a mundane obvious read after the Work Sucks book.  I can't recommend it (No Assholes) - it basically says that you shouldn't have assholes at work because they kill the spirit and drive of others and cause psychologic upset in the otherwise balanced workplace.  Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.  I didn't really need a 200+ page dissertation to tell me what I already suspected.  I think the author could well have summed it up on a poster or something.  BUT - I can DEFINITELY recommend the Work Sucks book - if you're looking to read something that is so contrary to your beliefs about work and being successful, yet makes such perfect logical sense to you - GET THAT BOOK!!!!  Just do it - trust me!  I already convinced one person to buy a copy - now you go get one too!  Oh and remember how I told you in that one post the other day that I thought the concept should be tried out in governmental agencies?  Yeh, well evidently this Cali and Jody are smart like me and THEY'VE ALREADY HEADED THAT WAY!!!  Look to hear more about that on the Federal level!!!


  1. Now, how flippin cool is that!!! Love it :)

  2. Well, I am curious and curious-er about this book, but I'm a tight ass, so can I borrow your copy? LOL I hope all these books inspire you, but if nothing else you need to be oh so very proud of yourself for not just bitching about the statis quo and actually trying to learn something new to change it. I am sorely impressed! Truely I am....after working on my boss for the week, and getting some feble promises about things changing and me getting more to do and yada yada yada yada, I am also encouraged...but that could be because I'm on my third beer and I have tomarrow off to play. Hummmmmmmm time will tell little darling...In the mean time, I am very proud of you!!!