Friday, June 18, 2010

Barnes & Noble SUCKS

So remember how, a few days ago, I was all super-excited and pumped and shit?  If you've forgotten or are new here - you can read all about it here.  So anyway-  off I go - the VERY next day to B & N to get that book - WORK SUCKS (or something along those lines - that's pretty much the only part of the title that really sticks with me).  And I'm all prepared and have the name of the authors written down because B & N likes to organize their shit by the Author's Last Name - as if I actually pay attention to who writes shit.  It's like being able to identify the actors in movies - I have no clue.  Except for Doris Day - I know her.  Back to the story - THOSE FUCKERS AT B & N DID NOT HAVE THE BOOK IN STOCK.

I don't know why I was surprised.  Or even disappointed.  I shouldn't have been.  I don't think I've EVER, on any occasion, gone into the local B & N and found what I was looking for.  It's a painful reminder that there's just a good damned chance I don't belong here in this wretched little town.  Of course they don't have a book about Results Only Work Environment.  The concept is just too progressive for this wanna-be hip town.  A town laden with Federal, State and Local government employees.  A town that thrives off the employees that fill the DMV office with their disdain for their jobs.  I wonder what kind of service I might get down there at the DMV if the governmental offices adopted the ROWE approach?  I wonder if I would wait in line for 45 minutes, only to watch three gals get up to take their assigned break and leave me standing there for another 15 minutes if they were working under ROWE?  I bet they could process through a whole shit-ton more tax payers if they actually FUCKING WORKED toward RESULTS instead of on a clock. 

I think I'm on to something there.  I'm not going to say any more about it because I really don't want you stealing my ideas.  But be it safe to assume that I'm going to send them a copy of the book.  I don't who them are yet and I'll have to do some research to figger out which of the dipshits is actually in charge - but I think there's something to be said for them considering this concept. 

Anyway - back to B & N - so there I was - pissed.  And yet determine to leave there with a book.  So I did.  I bought the Daughters some books and I also bought, what is evidently a classic but which I've never heard of (go figure), "The Little Prince"  - or something like that.  See - I don't even know the name of it.  Then I left that shit hole and drove to Starbucks to order a Soy Strawberry something or other (again - can't remember the name) and was promptly told they are out of ALL THINGS strawberry.  "Of course you are - this is the arm pit of the USA - I wouldn't expect you to actually HAVE the items marked "new" on your menu."  And so I ordered something that touted itself as low-cal, then drove to the office and got on and ordered up those books I wanted.  But now they will not be here for SEVERAL days. 

If I've lost interest in this new adventure by the time they arrive, which is highly likely, I am SOOO going to kick B & N in the nuts.


  1. Wow! First, thank you so much for your interest in ROWE. Second, your experience did suck. Please email me your mailing address and I will mail a free book to you. In the meantime and so you can start reading it....check out the FREE download of the "Intro & First Chapter" here:

  2. What's this? It can't be. Two comments - from people that are not in my family? I've hit the big time!!! WOO HOO!!! What a GREAT day this has turned out to be! Thanks guys!

  3. I work at B&N, and I get frustrated because I have little power to do anything for customers who have legitimate complaints or suggestions.

    All decisions are made at the New York headquarters; the employees in your local store really can't do much about anything.

    I try to give my customers good service, despite obstruction from the bureaucrats, but it's hard sometimes.

  4. I was nice to the employees - I understand the buying decisions aren't made locally. I have the same issue with the clothing stores in this town - the buyers (who I'm sure are not local) have a perceived notion of how people here like to dress - which is always completely off base. It's frustrating. I got my books from Amazon - which unfortunately, is how I get most of the goods I want - from the internet. I'd much rather support the businesses here - but if the buyers can't get it right then I have no other choice. Thank you for your comment! Come back again!

  5. I too get my books from Amazon, even though I work at B&N.

    One reason is that the Amazon price is usually lower than the B&N employee price. Also, B&N is gradually expanding the range of merchandise not eligible for the employee discount -- like their flagship product, the nook.

  6. Wow. There's something inherently wrong with a corporation that drives its employees to shop elsewhere for the same goods they offer. Like an idiot, I bought one of those annual discount card thingies while there - the one that cost me $25 and which I will likely NEVER use because I can get the items from Amazon. :-) I'm a sucker.