Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Books and Blogs

So, if you're following along, you'll recall that I ordered a bunch of books.  Well three, to be exact.  I had like 12 picked out, then decided that was an awful lot of books, so I just ordered three for now and Amazon.com has this cool thing where you can mark things "save for later" in your cart.  They invented that for people with CRS - like me.  I love them!

My package from Amazon arrived today!  Three beautiful, exciting books -

1.  Hundred Percenters - Mark Murphy
2.  The No Asshole Rule - Robert I. Sutton, PhD
3.  Work Suck & How to Fix It - Ressler & Thompson

I don't know which one to open first!  #2 and #3 are packaged together in shrink wrap - for no other reason than that's how I'm sure they were at the giant bookstore in the sky.  #1 is open and ready for me to read.  But #1 is about challenging your employees to give it their all - and evidently they will then give you even more.  But I'm torn.  If my ultimate goal is drive change in the culture - shouldn't the culture from the top down change before I drive people to give me more?  I mean - seriously.  Which came first?  The chicken or the egg.  I've been fondling these books for 3 hours, trying to determine which one to delve into first.  I just cannot decide. 

So, I exercised in the pool for half hour, then drank beer on the deck while I pondered the situation.  And I did start reading "The Little Prince" with Daughter #2 last night.  But I think it's one of those very profound, thought provoking books, and I'm lost - because I'm reading it out loud to her.  But she seems totally intrigued by it.  We read several chapters last night, and fearful she was bored by it, I asked her to share her thoughts with me.  And she had some!  About the book.  She admitted it was weird, and she wasn't sure where the story was headed, but she definitely wanted to hear it out to see what happens.  I was proud.  I love literature.  There is nothing more satisfying than interpreting a beautifully written book, poem or short story - or blog for that matter.  I'm sure I provide all of you devout followers with that same level of satisfaction and intrigue with each post.  (Just go with it, okay - I already told you I am likely PMSing - don't piss me off).  But for a 7 year old to actually stay awake during this book (The Little Prince - not the No Asshole Rule - although she did ask if we were reading that next) AND to not yet have made a determination about its meaning - I was dumbfounded.  I might have found our connection!  Which is tough when kids get to be about 7.  They're no longer babies, yet they are not yet adults - and because they are not yet teenagers and still want to be around you - it's hard to find a common ground with them.  At least for me it is.  Maybe I'm just weird.  (Opinions may be kept to yourselves, thank you.)

I do judge a book by its cover many times.  So I was hoping that the covers would direct me to which one of these crafts I should crack into first.  But all the covers are WHITE, with black and red lettering.  They all look so very similar.  And all the titles are obviously intriguing to me - since the title is what drew me to them originally.  Oh, what to do, what to do?????  Since I like to take snippets of books and advice and combine them into my own formula and theory - perhaps I'll read them all at the same time.  Or maybe I'll just admire them forever and never actually open any of them.  It's a poser.  Maybe I'll just go have another beer and sit in silence with the husband.  I'm not much in a chatty mood tonight, so sitting in silence sounds pretty relaxing and inviting.  These books will be here tomorrow. 

Oh - and a few days ago - the http://www.gorowe.com/ folk commented on my blog when I mentioned their book.  I was so ecstatic!!!  So I immediately emailed him.  And on Sunday I had already emailed them anyway - and I was pretty certain ONE of them would get back to me - just to tell me "hey" or maybe even to tell me stop talking about their amazing concept on my fucked up blog.   But you know what?  NO RESPONSE.  I'm beginning to wonder if ROWE means NO WORK?????  EVER?  Fortunately for them, I've got an in road to someone at Best Buy Corporate where they have implemented this ROWE concept and I can just find out from someone in the field how this really works and IF it works.  Hey ROWE people - if you're reading and your web crawlers pick this up - how about a response?!  It's nice to acknowledge people when they email you!  Even if it is to tell them to go to hell.  I can accept that too.  But to just ignore my inquiries and emails - hellooooooooooooo?!!!  That's RUDE.  Kthanks!   (I'm sure they are just busy and I'm being a paranoid ass again though - so no worries or hard feelings there ROWE people - I still want to chat with you and be friends and colleagues and professional buddies and such - I'm not holding the lack of response against you - -- - - YET).

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