Thursday, July 1, 2010

Too Wound UP to get shit done and don't really care if it ever does get done and I wonder how many words can be in the title slot of this blog anyway? I mean, this is shit they really need to make known - why don't they just tell me what the character limit is? And now I have to wonder if I can put my entire blog entry in the title line? What kind of asanine shit is this anyway? I'm bored already - moving on....

Okay - so WOW!  Who knew you could put so much in the TITLE line?  And yet, I still have no clue what the limit is.  Maybe one day I'll work on it some more - but right now I don't feel like it.  I'm so wound up from my day at work - which you can read about at - but not here.  AND I keep adding to the 4th of July list -- which I've now broken down into how much time each task will take.  Which is contrary to the whole day I've had which has been focused on getting away from time - but I need to know - HOW MUCH TIME IS IT GOING TO TAKE ME TO GET THIS SHIT DONE.  So I have that all figured out and best as I can calculate - I can start at 10 a.m. on Saturday and get it all done before the brothers arrive that afternoon.  AND I've even marked some items as *optional*.  Which gives me complete freedom and control over what I really have to accomplish.  God damn I'm good at managing myself.  And my time.  And my accomplishments.  Didn't get it done?  No worries - it was all optional!  Have a beer! 

Which is what I did and which is likely why I cannot seem to actually MOVE on something and tackle it.  "Clean Master Bedroom" - really?  Are they really going to come in our bedroom?  No. But I'd like to know that what's behind door #1 is not a total shithole dump - so I'm tricking myself into believing it's something elegant - and mysterious.

But seriously - I have to go shit done now - like add to the list of shit the husband needs to do.  Please take note:  Nowhere on his list of shit do the words, "talk on the phone" exist.  Yet - I believe that is where he is.  LOVES to talk on the phone.  Never met a man that loves to talk on the phone as much as him.  He should get himself a headset so he can talk and walk and work and talk and work.  Maybe I'll get him one for his birthday - but then he'd just be one of those annoying fuckers who walks around with their headset on all day because they're just *that important*. 

Better go - gotta go kick him in the ass and get him moving - that's on MY list of shit to do!!

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  1. I did it!!! One rainy sunday bored on my ass and I got the blog started...what the hell have I gotten myself into now?!!!