Monday, July 26, 2010

One journey ends - - - another about to begin...........

Today was the final baseball game and the final softball dealie (awards ceremony) - WOO HOOO!!!!!  We survived another spring/summer of ball!  When the season starts in the spring, we are like alzheimer's patients - we're giddy with excitement and happy to see the season start.  But yet, somehow we always forget how blasted long the season lasts and just how damned hot it is by season's end. 

Today, while I sat at the baseball games facing due East (starting at 8 a.m) - I honestly thought I might die.  I don't recall ever feeling quite that sick at a game.  I think it was just because it was the 5th day running of sitting in the heat.  And when they lost, I was sad for about 2 seconds, then I packed up my shit and ran for the A/C.  Likely trampling a few children along the way - who knows.  I didn't look back.  My makeup was sweated off, my hair was so wet with sweat I could wring it out.  My clothes were soaked and I was 100% completely and totally drained. 

I'm glad it's over.  And this weekend - it's all about ME.  I am not doing one damned thing for any kid - NOTHING.  It's MY weekend.  Because after that - it's a mad dash to get ready for school.  Hell, I think enrollment might even be next week.  Where does the summer go?  And why in the hell does it go so fast?  And soon, the prodigal son will be leaving for college.  I wonder if he's scared.  I wonder if he's sad?  Or I wonder if he's thrilled to death.  I should likely have a sit down with him one night before he goes.  He pretty much stays at home all the time - so I can't imagine that he's all that excited to leave.  But maybe I'm wrong.  There is so much to do before he leaves.  And for some reason, it has snuck up on me.  I'm not prepared.  I hope he is.

And this will be the brunette's sophomore year.  As I recall, my most difficult year in high school.  And also the most difficult for the prodigal son.  A sophomore - but only 15.  But all the friends are 16 - and they drive.  And they date.  And they run around like maniacs and the mamas and daddies are still holding tight to the reins.  I'm not sure I'm emotionally ready for the ride we're about to take.  And the blonde - ready to have friends over and go to friends' houses - and me - just wanting her to stay little and not worry and fuss with friends yet - it just complicates our lives - friends. 

I think I'll just sleep for the next several days and get myself mentally and physically prepared for the journey we're all about to take!

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