Monday, July 19, 2010

Rebel Toes

Fuck You!

I was here first - see my toes right there?  If you expect people to stay back 200 ft. as per your dumbass shirt - do NOT plop your big ass down 3 ft in front of me.  Kthanks.

Speaking of my toes - I went with BLACK polish this time - I've never worn black polish - I thought it was for goth people and since I'm neither a goth nor a publicly known witch, I thought I should steer clear of.  But then someone (who is much younger and hipper than I) told me black is the new red.  So I gave it a whirl:

I think I am TOTALLY pulling it off - don't you?

1 comment:

  1. I'm warning you know..PMS is kicking into high gear ....continue reading at your own risk!!
    I hate it when people say, orange is the new pink and black is the new red and 60 is the new 40...okay..that one doesn't seem to make my ass twitch as bad..but still...Orange is Orange and Black is black and when you old, you are fucking old. It's the same old colors and ages as they have always been...stop trying to make them into something new...they aren't new...they are older than dirt!!
    And by the way...You are totally happin' in those toes girl!! Black, yes plain ole ancient BLACK looks good on you....or should I say YOU make the old black look GOOD!!! :)