Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shittiest Day EVER

okay - maybe NOT the SHITTIEST - but most certainly ANNOYINGEST.  Pain in the ass day from HELL.

Went to bed early, got up at a decent time - you know - 6:20 a.m. - it's not too early, it's not too late - just a nice rising time!  Gonna be a GOOD DAY!!!!!  Grab the ol' iPhone and head downstairs for coffee - somehow by the time I get to the kitchen (and this is not a big house people - we have ONE WING - it's the MESSY WING) - I HAVE A FUCKING CRICK IN MY NECK. 

Well, you know a crick in my neck instantly pisses me off - because there is NO WAY to get rid of the damned thing so I know I can look forward to a day full of unwanted pain and irritation and limited mobility by this fucking CRICK.  FUCK YOU CRICK!  I hate you. 

7:15 - head to the shower.  Ever tried bending your head backwards to rinse your hairs with a crick in your neck?  Yeh.  It hurts, donut?  But I managed to survive.  And got dressed.  And put on my mask and did up my hairs all nice.  And painted my toenails a lovely shade of Pepto Bismal as it turns out. And tried on 7 pair of shoes with my outfit.  And changed clothes.  And changed clothes.  And changed clothes AGAIN - this shit went on until 9:15 - I shit you not.  The entire bedroom is DESTROYED.  Fuck it.  I'll deal with it tomorrow.

And these fucking toenails - why did I paint them this color pink?  Seriously?  It messes with my OCD because it matches the sum total of nothingness and ERGO (by the way that reminds me of that insurance commercial - you know the one with the falcon - ERGO - you bought me a falcon.... LOVE) - they are making me SICK and I can only go naked because THAT is the only thing they match - SKIN.  I'm not even sure they match skin to be honest with you - I need to just go throw that stupid polish in the trash.  Clearly someone on crack purchased it because along the lines of bad decisions - that was one. 

Headed off to the office for a meeting - got about a mile away - realized I'd forgotten my cell phone when I went to text someone while driving (not really - but it sounds fitting for this fucked up day) - had to turn around.  Plod BACK to the house, grab the phone and FINALLY head to the office.

About 15 minutes before the meeting, I email the other person - "Are you not coming in for the meeting?"  5 minutes later I got a response:  "No.  The meeting is on a conference call."  Well fuckity doo dah day and all that other happy shit becuase GUESS THE FUCK WHAT?  I don't have a phone at the office because I brought it home.  I had the cell phone, but with this fucking crick in my neck I wasn't about to sit for two hours with the piece of shit not meant for talking on iPhone up to my ear.  So I hopped in the ol' car and headed BACK HOME.

Had the meeting.  That was interesting and all and I don't blog about that aspect of work so you can't hear it but my poor husband sure as hell did - because that's his job - listening to me prattle on about work.

Had to GO BACK TO THE OFFICE for another meeting.  But got to work with the most delightful girl EVER - LOVE THAT GIRL - and we kicked that project's ass so it was a fruitful effort. 

Drive home - car dealie majigger reads 108.  108.  It's hot as fuck and I'm sick of the heat.  I like summer and all but seriously  - E.N.O.U.G.H.  It's killing me.  As is this wretched miserable crick in my neck.

This day is NOTHING like Sunday which was the BEST DAY EVER.  And as soon as I'm done being pissed and hot and grumpy, I'll tell you all about it. 

Until then - beware.

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