Friday, August 19, 2011

Is this Normal Folks?

Actual text conversation between the husband and I last night:

Me:  TV upstairs is not working

Him:  check the remote batteries

Me:  I have the box and the tv on.  Brainiac.  The TV says "no signal"

Him:  Oh no work

Me:  Yeh.  El broko.  This pisses me off.  Fuck it.  I'm throwing it out the window.  And also moving my bed downstairs

Him:  The tv is on but no signal then its the box or wrong channel

Me:  How do I know what channel it's on?!

Me again (because I'm a electronical wizard):  Oh.  Well I'll be God damned.  I hit the 3 on the black remote and the fucker works like a charm now!  Thanks honey!!

Him:  Thats why you keep me around.  If I get too broken down you will be kickin me to the curb!

Me:  LMAO!  Out the window you go!

Him:  Or that.  But spend most time in garage so a kickin to the curb makes more sense

Me:  True.  Otherwise I'd have to drag you up the stairs and that just seems like an awful lot of work.

Him:  Thats what I thought (It's a shame he doesn't have a smart phone so it corrects his punctuation)

Me:  Maybe you could keep the trash bin on it's side so I could just shove u in there?!?

Him:  You are givin this way too much thought.

I mean really people - is this a normal conversation?  Please tell me it is! 

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  1. Not normal, but it's frickin hilarious!