Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rainy Thursday

Hurricane Hermine is making her way into the midwest.  I don't even understand that.  But that's what they said on the news.  We need the rain - no doubt about that - so I suppose it's a blessing.  We haven't had any rain since July.  And then we had like 48" in 2 days.  So it's a rainy Thursday and I'm glad that I have the freedom to choose to work from home - there's nothing I hate more than going into an office and working on a gloomy day.  Or a sunny day.  Or a snowy day.  Okay fine - I admit - I HATE going into an office to work.  I suppose one day in the future, it will strike me that I WANT to go into the office to work.  But so far - I'm not lonely.  I don't feel the need to see anyone there.  I don't miss the face to face interaction and I most certainly do not miss the interruptions or the bullshit that accompany the cramming of people into an office and forcing them to sit there all day doing work.  (or pretending to work). 

We were supposed to go watch the prodigal son play for his college team for the first time today.  It isn't his first time playing in college - it was just going to be the first time we got to go see him.  It was quite the ordeal - the planning of this adventure.  The girls would have to miss most of the day of school - so we had to get homework ahead of time, and get that all cleared.  We wanted to take his GF with us - so she had to get permission and figure out her schoolwork,etc.  Then Hermine started making her way into the midwest so we started keeping an eye on that - life threatening flash flooding in that area - do we dare attempt it?  So we started setting the stage with all the girls - it MIGHT be raining - they MIGHT not play.  But we kept plowing forward with our plans.  And then - it happened - the dreaded text from the prodigal son:  "Don't bother coming to the game - I won't be there." 

WTF?  Why?  What is going on? 

It was a long story (of course) and laden with excuses - but at the end of the story it basically boiled down to - he missed a class this week and when you miss a class -you don't travel or play.  WAHHHHHHHHHHH.

I, of course, got to break the news to the girls.  Who, of course, threw fits.  Hey - take it up with your brother - HE is the one that let you down - NOT ME.  Damn that kid.  I hope to hell he learned his lesson and figures out how to wake the hell up and live his life.  I would hate to see that he doesn't get to stay down there a 2nd year because he was too busy sleeping to ever prove his place on the team.  Not to mention, he'd end up back here and I've already cleaned up his mess and am enjoying the cleanliness of the whole place.  And the $50 grocery tab.  And the lack of 899 cars in my driveway.  Oh please - son - please - start waking up and going to class!!!

So, I guess I'm taking the brunette to the thrift store instead.  Yay.  Thrift store.  Looking for a Catholic school uniform.  Or something like that.  Our high school plays the Catholic high school tomorrow night and evidently - our kids mock their kids by all dressing in uniforms.  How fun!  And yet - how archaic and stupid.  But whatever.  I wonder how the other schools mock our school? 

I bet I can get some great pics at the thriftstore though - because ohhhh - I can already imagine the people.  And maybe I'll find a GREAT dress and go-go boots!  I'm optimistic! 

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