Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogging Along

Before I started this lame excuse of a blog, I followed one blog.  ONE blog.  And talked about having my own - until I was blue in the face, actually.  Now - somehow - I don't even know how - I have just "tripped" across some of the most amazing blogs.  These people are witty.  They are clever.  They are hysterically funny.  And they're awesome writers.  And I feel small.  And inept.  And totally powerless against their amazingness. 

So I read their blogs.  And read them.  And read them.  I'd share them with you - but then you'd see how amazing they are and would never come back here because you'd know just how shitty this blog really is.  Sorry.  I'm selfish like that.  These other bloggers have hundreds - maybe thousands of readers.  I have like 10.  I'm keeping you.  All to myself. 

Anywho - the big stink in the blogging world recently has been that this one blogger was found to have been stealing content from other blogs and posting it as her own.  STEALING.  And the amazing bloggers were pissed.  TOTALLY pissed.  They commented on every one of their blogs about the wretched thief.  They banded together (because they are not selfish and stingy like me) and they attacked the plagarizing liar. Many of them would not provide the link to the falsified/stolen blog because they didn't want to drive up her traffic and give her the satisfaction - but finally I found the link (the whole ordeal was sort of like Real Housewives of the Innernets) - and I dug through her material - reading it - reading the comments where she was being called out on her thievery  - and I was pissed.  Infuriated. 



  1. I just increased your followers by 10%, and will most certainly heavily plagarize from you at some time in the foreseeable future.

    Feel better?

  2. Can I quote you on that?!! Had YOU bothered to read MY blog, you would see I've already covered the subject of people getting upset at a coming task or project, even when they know they are totally up for the job....just like you ......whining about other peoples great fantastic blogs when your's kicks ass....SHUT THE HELL UP....and you could be useful and get us all another round!!! ;)
    I'll steal something from your blog in the near future too...I promise...now be sure to put a couple lime slices down the neck of my bottle will ya?!!!