Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Effin Deal

I totally ordered this shirt this morning:

Thank you!!!  I ordered this shirt because I think it's funny.  It's funny that the Vice President of the US of A's got busted dropping the *f* bomb to the President.  AH HA HA!!!  Leave it to poor Joe Biden - our next potatoe man.  I LOVE a Vice President that goes around and says dumb shit instead of one who just runs around accidentally shooting his hunting buddies.  Accidental my ass.  Once, maybe an accident.  But seriously, after that - it's pretty much a dead giveaway that the *hunting* was not so much.

I also love that the media is making such a HUGE deal out of the comment.  HE DROPPED THE *F* BOMB IN THE PRESIDENT'S EAR!!!!!  Because we're in 1802 and NO ONE uses the *f* word EVER, at least not the President.  Or the Vice President.  Or anyone else famous or powerful or classy.  I'm glad he did it.  It makes both he and Obama seem more "real" - you know?  They're like real people to me now - I bet they drop the *f* bomb all day at the White House and never think twice about it.  I am quite certain the first time the first family walked in to check out their new digs, the first daughters said, "Whoa! This place is fucking awesome!"  And the whole family was like, "Wow!  Now we need a fucking dog!"  And I'm sure every day they wake up and start the day with, "Where in the fuck is Osama Bin Laden?"

I also think it's funny that the kid in California is so put out by the whole Joe Biden big fucking deal comment.  Because he's 17 and founded the "No Cussing Club" - what is he?   The sole fucking member of the club?  It's not a club if you're the only fucking person in it punk.  And also I wondered how many times a week he gets his ass kicked by classmates for trying to solicit their membership into his elite club.  I mean seriously, What.the.fuck is wrong with his parents?  I have ALWAYS encouraged my children to NOT get involved in shit or beliefs that will result in daily ass kickings by mean high school kids.  I ought to write his parents a hate letter and give them some advice about raising teenagers.

So when my shirt gets here - I am SO wearing it out in public - I may even wear it to work just to stir shit up and also because someone actually had the audacity to ask what the CEO thought of the whole thing during our company meeting the other day.  You don't talk about politics at work people - come on - pull yourself together already.  But since you asked, I'll be happy to 'splain - just as soon as my shirt gets here!


  1. I think I will order one of these fucking shirts too. this is too fucking funny.

  2. See. It's fun to cuss! It's so liberating!! So you should go ahead and order yourself one of these fucking shirts because it's fucking funny and also all the cool people are fucking doing it!