Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almost Done!

We are what I like to refer to as "Eighty-percenters."  This means that we start projects and finish them to about 80% completion, then start the next project.  It's like we don't *get* that the last 20% is the most critical and also typically the most time consuming part of any project.  As a result, most of our house appears about 80% completed which is totally frustrating and almost paralyzing.

We still haven't finished Daughter #1's room.  This weekend we had to paint the interior of the closet because she and her gal pals had previously painted it about 7 different colors, and since she opts to not have the doors on the closet, it was imperative we get it painted back to white so it goes with the new decor in her room.  It's painted and the paint is drying, but we need a new hanger bar thingie majigger dealie bopper installed so she can actually PUT the clothes away.  She won't be able to put away clothes that were in a dresser in that closet, because  the old dresser - it's jacked up and a new one had to be ordered.  *NOTE:  Do not paint dressers with latex paint, then attempt to strip - especially if they are constructed of particle board - BIG MESS - GIANT MESS*  The headboard needs installed and the pictures need hung. 

I'm not sure that stuff will get done today or even tomorrow, because the husband has moved on to a new project - helping a friend build a cabinet for our new oven.  The one we purchased nearly 2 years ago and has been sitting in the garage ever since.  Right next to the pallete of tile and double sink counter thingie we purchased 3 years ago.  The new oven IS new - never been used.  It was about a $2,000 oven, purchased on Purple Wave for only $250.  But it needs a handle and a piece of trim.  The husband suggested that we could use the oven without these items once the new cabinet is completed.  WRONG.  Because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that oven will stay like that, without a handle for the rest of my life if I don't get the parts ordered NOW so they are ready for installation along with the oven.  I know the cabinet will get done - a friend is in charge of that project - and he always finishes things. 

The railing is off the deck also.  Just in one small part - it needed replaced - but now, instead of just replacing it, the husband has moved on to looking at stain colors and babbling about possibly reconstructing part of the deck and blah blah blah.  Nothing is ever simple with him.  When we set out to paint this closet yesterday, he started de-constructing it.  What.the.fuck.  It's a closet - just PAINT it all - no need to rip out all the built in shelves, etc.  Seriously.  There is something in his head that instructs him to begin all projects with full-on implosion and razing, start from ground zero. 

We are 6 weeks out from the prodigal son's graduation and will be hosting a luncheon here - I'd like some of this stuff put back together before then.  But frankly, I'm not expecting it to actually become my reality.  Instead, my reality is the constant splainin' of how "we're in the midst of yada yada yada" - yeh.  For like 4 years we're in the midst of it. 

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