Friday, September 16, 2011


What day is it?  I have lost track.  The week has been a whirlwind of endless tasks, projects, deadlines, crises, etc.  STOP.  JUST STOP.  I like my shit to run in order - not be reeling out of control.  And I like to be rested, but instead it's been a week of sleepless days and nights. 

Thinking about Happy and how she is always.... well, HAPPY.  How the hell does she do that?  I know she's tired.  I know she has stress.  I know she has grief.  But yet, every day she wakes up smiling and finding the good in the day.  Where the hell does she find the energy?  I have no clue.  Have I even smiled this week?  Yes.  I believe I did briefly yesterday, at a retirement reception.  But other than that - I can't even remember what I did, who I saw or where I went. 

Oh!  I KNOW!  I took the brunette dress shopping in Lawrence Tuesday after school.  It's Homecoming you know.  She has a date!  I don't like him - his sleeves on his sweatshirt were too short last time I saw them.  He's a king candidate for Homecoming - so there's the whole riff over a junior going with a senior and blah blah blah.  That high school shit wears me out. 
Anyway - we only went to TWO stores!!  And we landed the perfect dress at the second store and it was on sale for under $50!!!  Success!  Then she got herself some 4" heels, so she's been wearing them around the house - - practicing walking.  I hope she doesn't break her ankle.  That would surely suck. 

Still working on the blonde's birthday!  I say get her some pencils and a couple of PSP games and call it good.  The husband wants to get her a go-cart or something else big and fancy.  She'll be 9.  Let's not go crazy.  We'll see what we end up with when it's all said and done.  Thinking tomorrow we'll take her clothes shopping because she wants clothes but has the strangest fashion sense I've ever seen so I don't dare pick them out without her.  And then maybe to the Lego Exhibit before it leaves town on Sunday.  And maybe to my favorite restaurant for lunch!  Oh wait - I mean HER favorite restaurant.  Which will be the same as mine as soon as I tell her that's her favorite. 

Have a fun weekend!!!

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