Thursday, September 15, 2011

I thought we already had this Discussion?

Remember last year, when I suggested to the blonde that I pick her friends?  Well, evidently she's got a learning disability because once again, she's not listening to me with regard to which one of her little imp friends can join in for her birthday fun.  Looking back to last year, I did allow her to invite this one little gal over.  The one I thought would be okay for an evening?  Well... I was wrong.  That child was a complete PITA.  Demanding to be paid attention to all night.  Insisting she hang in the garage with the adults and put on "shows" for us and all other kinds of childish shit we had no interest in.  And bored.  I don't think that girl has been back over since that night because she done wore my ass OUT.

When I asked the blonde this year if she might like to have a friend join in on her birthday fun - she had to think long and hard because evidently I've made no qualms about letting her know exactly how I feel about each of her friends. 

There are the Branch Davidians - negatory.
The little pain in the ass from last year.  NOT.
The little gal that doesn't eat a single fucking thing she is served - including ice cream.  Nope.
The unfortunate looking little child who cries a lot.  No thanks.
The little guy that has to wear a weighted vest to slow him down.  Uh uh.

FUCK.  Blonde.  You SUCK at picking friends.  How about that one little cat who came over two weeks ago.  The one who asked for NOTHING.  The one who ate the food I put in front of him - ALL OF IT.  The one who's dad's phone plays Steppenwolf while I'm connecting to my party?  What about him?  I like him.  I like his dad.  He smokes.  He drinks.  He listens to classic rock.  They seem like a good family - let's invite him.  NO - we are not friends anymore. 

WTF?  Not friends anymore?  How can this be?  Turns out, kids at school were teasing them about being girl friend and boy friend.  So now they are just not even friends.  Fucking third graders. Such a pain in my ass.  It's too late to plan any type of brief party where maybe I would only have to engage wtih these brats for a couple of hours.  So it would appear the blonde will be spending her birthday celebration with me, the husband and our friends.  YAY!  What 9 year old doesn't want to spend her day with a bunch of adults? 

Poor blonde.

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