Thursday, July 7, 2011

Return Post

It's been 3 months since I last posted (plus a few days)...I'm not sure why, exactly.  But I'm amazed at how time does indeed fly.  I think I got busy with work.  Busy with life.  Busy.  A few of you have specifically asked me to start posting again - you'd be amazed at how good that makes me feel....someone cares enough about the ho-hum crap I ramble about to actually request that I continue to bore you with my prattling.  So here I am!  I'm not even sure where to pick up. 

Since I last posted, we have replaced the roof on the house, replaced the kitchen floor, torn two bathrooms down to the studs and rebuilt them, sold that horrible 40' bus, painted the barn (RED!), stained the deck and Lord knows what else.  There was the departing of some household possessions via garage sale in there as well.  We visited Chicago for a few days and have attended I don't know how many softball games and tournaments.  We've had visitors in from out of state, and keeping in the tradition of summer, our home has a revolving door for guests at all hours of the day and night and all days of the week.  It's exhausting. 

The house is FILLED with young people - people who sleep all day and play all night.  To see them and interact with them, you must also keep these kind of hours - except that because you're also an adult, you have to be up all day also.  I think I function on about 4 hours of sleep at this point and unfortunately, I think it's caught up to me.  I'm tired this week.  Tired of cooking.  Tired of cleaning.  Tired of playing.  Tired of watching softball.  Just TIRED.  So all week I've gone to bed at 9 p.m. and slept until 7:30 a.m.  and still have managed to get in a two hour nap each day.  I hope I get rested soon, because the house is a wreck - no one else seems to know how to clean it.  There are no ice cubes - no one else seems to know how to empty and refill the trays.  The laundry is wrinkled - no one else seems to know how to fold clothes and put them away.  And there is no food in the house - no one else seems to know where the store is. 

I hear the husband in the kitchen now - - unloading the dishwasher.  Heavy sighing with each glass he puts away.  And all I want to do is yell... STFU!  Seriously?  His 40 year old brothers were the last visitors we had.  I spent 4 days cleaning this house - steam cleaning carpets, scrubbing baseboards, washing walls.  Preparing meals and cleaning up after everyone for 4 exhausting days after they arrived.  Some mornings on 3 hours of sleep and likely still drunk.  And never once did I heavy sigh.  So you can just STFU and unload that dishwasher.  God how I wish I had a band of sisters.  The ones that would come visit me and stay with me.  And during their stay, we would sit on our asses and wait for food to be delivered to us.  And each morning we would wake up to a sparkling clean house and a beautiful spread of fruit and pastries.  And all we would have to do is sit there and gab and periodically ask when the next meal would be served. 

Ba ha ha ha!!  Yeh RIGHT.


  1. Glad you're back. Missed you and had almost given up checking your page for new stuff.

  2. If you had a legion of sisters who came to visit, you would each try to outdo the other by getting up earlier, contributing more, taking turns cooking fantastic meals, sit up late into the night talking, and laugh the whole time.