Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So anyway - I have writer's block.  It seems I can only think up shit to talk about in the middle of the night.  I need to start writing it down though because I can never remember it the following morning - and it's some good shit let me tell you!

I have a twitter account now.  I decided I needed one because that's where the kids have gone - and since I can no longer creep on them on Facebook, I decided to get a tweeter.  So I opened it under an anonymous online screen name - but like an idiot, put in my real name, right?  Then I followed my kids.  And the brunette was all, "OMFG - seriously?  WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?"  Uhhh - how did you know it was me?  And she turned her phone toward me and sure as shit - plain as day - there was my real full name under my anonymous tweeter name.  DOH!  #dumbass.  So then I stopped following her because I decided she needed her privacy.  But she kept following me - because I'm #fuckingawesome.  But she was my only follower.  And then I was just tweeting pretty much to myself - again - #dumbass.  I guess she felt badly for me so she sent me an @message and suggested that all of HER friends follow me on tweeter ---- she's got a big heart like that - and now her friends ARE following me.  And NOW the pressure is on to be funnier than a bunch of 16 year olds hyped up on hormones.  And let me tell you - they're pretty damned funny!  It's a tough act to follow. 

If you want to follow me on tweeter - you can:  I'm @thatsbsandunoit

Tweeting is fun!  And it's not just for twits either!  All that senseless bullshit I used to post on Facebook can now go on Twitter - YAY!!!

See you there!

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