Thursday, July 21, 2011

GET OUT!!!!!

So this summer, we took the prodigal son AND his friend in for the summer.  The friend has a rather rocky family life and we were willing to open our home and hearts to him and provide him a stable, family environment.  We also had big plans to teach these young adults some basic responsibility and prepare them to get out on their own.  FAIL.

Neither have managed to get a job.  And then it reached a point in the summer when it was really just too damned late for them TO get jobs because they would be leaving first of August to return to college.  No one is going to hire someone for a month.  They sit their broke asses in our basement and sleep all day and play video games all night.  They rummage through my kitchen at all hours of the night and eat all the food.  And make a shit ton of noise.  And leave on all the lights.  And have built themselves a nice little apartment in our basement - complete with furniture and TVs and stereos and all the pleasures of the world.  And my resentment toward them grows each and every day of this long hot fucking summer. 

Yesterday I took the prodigal son to his college town to find an apartment/house.  His first lease.  We had a good day and found a good rental house.  He has NO CLUE how he will pay the rent.  Or the utilities.  Or anything else. NONE.  My frustration level with lack of responsibility is growing daily and yet I'm trying to do my best to help him get on his feet and move forward.  He admitted yesterday that he's fed up with the shit going on at this house with his friend. and last night opted to sleep at someone else's house.  Which is fine.  He's trying to move forward positively. 

But when I woke up this morning - the driveway was full of cars - some of which I didn't even recognize.  Well, the friend that is living here for the summer evidently invited some of HIS friends over and they're all down in my basement snoozing away.  I've passed two girls - whom I don't know - so far this morning.  ALL Y'ALL GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE.  JUST GET YOUR SHIT AND GET THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE I'M FED THE FUCK UP.  The husband said they were rummaging through the kitchen at midnight - ALL OF THEM.  WHAT THE FUCK AM I?  THE FUCKING SOUP KITCHEN? 

I wanted to be THAT parent.  The one that provides a safe harbor and lend an ear when needed.  But these mother fuckers are on my last nerve.  They are irresponsible idiots.  You're 20  - go get a god damned job and get your own house and do NOT come back here until such time that you can fucking function as a responsible adult. 

The prodigal son is leaving on August 1st to his new place - his new life - and I hope to hell he gets his shit together and pulls his head out of his ass because this is his last chance.  But these other fuckers had better get their shit out of my house on that same date because I did NOT sign up to be a homeless shelter for a bunch of lazy, irresponsible fucks who just want to take and take and take.  I want to yell at one:  "YOU HAVE A FUCKING HOUSE - GO LIVE IN IT"  and I want to yell at the other one:  "THE REASON YOUR PARENTS DON'T HAVE A POT TO PISS IN IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE DRAINED ALL OF THEIR ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR LAZINESS AND DISRESPECT - THAT'S FINE - BUT YOU'RE NOT TAKING MY HOUSE TOO"

That's all - JUST GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!


  1. You should print this off and tape it to your front door.

  2. And be sure to highlight the important parts. Kids that age tend to think things like that don't pertain to them.