Monday, February 1, 2010

Yeh. I know.

So last night, hubby decides he'll read my blog. I provided him the link when I initiated this process so he could read it and confirm I wasn't spending all my time on the innernets having cyber-sex with some alien on the other end of the wire. Anyway, he reads it and after he's done he says, "I've already heard every single one of those stories, word for word."

Um. Okay. Uh, I go to work every day, then I come home. I am here with my family all night. On the weekends, we do things together. We don't have separate friends, we don't have separate social lives. Did you honest to God think this blog would have new and exciting stories you've never heard before? I said the blog was about my life - - you're in my life every day - where would I get a new story that I hadn't shared with you yet or that you didn't live right alongside me?

I'm torn. I'm not sure whether to stop speaking to him altogether - that way when he reads my blog the stories will be new for him. OR should I just move the blog to another location and not tell him? I mean, what if he starts commenting on here that something isn't 100% accurate on my story tellin'? That would be a bad thing. (It's accurate - don't you fret - I've told you everything so far just the way it is in MY mind.)

I guess I'll just leave it here and continue to tell the same ol' boring assed stories he's already heard. I'll likely have to throw in a new one every now and then, just to keep him comin' back for more. I mean, one day I might have something really important to tell him and I would hate for him to skip readin' the blog and never hear the exciting news!!

Hi honey!! I love you! Oh - and BTW (that means by the way, BTW) - I wrote the book on spelling and grammar, so yes, I'm aware of when I don't use it properly. The thing about a blog is that it's like an electronic journal - so it's not terribly polite to correct the author. I'm just sayin' is all.

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