Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why is 2nd Grade such a PAIN IN THE ASS?

We had parent teacher conferences this week for the blonde - she's in 2nd grade.  And her teacher is an old grouch.  I'd already determined this before I met her and meeting her only confirmed my initial instinct.  First off, the blonde is smart.  And one of the oldest in her class because thanks to the laws in our state - she wasn't 5 by September 1st and instead turned 5 on September 20th so basically was 6 by the time she started kindergarten. It's a stupid law.  It really is.  Especially so, given the fact that kindergarten isn't even fucking required in this state.  So explain to me how a non-required grade has laws that dictate when you can start?  But wait - you can't just skip it either.  Or we couldn't figure out how to skip it.  Maybe we are the stupid ones.

I digress.  When she was in kindergarten, she read at over a first grade level.  The teacher had her reading to kids in the class that could not yet read on their own and daily she went to a first grade class (after going to the Board on our behalf and getting approval to do this) for reading.  In first grade, the 2nd grade class was too full, so she couldn't go there to read, but her teacher got her hands on the 2nd grade material and was teaching her and some others from that material.

Throughout both grades, her behavior was exemplary and she was commended on her focus and dedication to school work - beyond her years.

Then she gets to second grade - with the old hag.  And all of a sudden - she's reading at a level BELOW where she left off last year.  She can no longer add AND her behavior is shitty.  So I SUGGESTED to the teacher that the child is bored and explained to her why I thought that.  She looks at me and says, "I find that hard to believe.  I don't see that she's any more intelligent than the others in my class."  SERIOUSLY?  You just fucking showed me that on the standardized tests taken early in the year that she tests higher than you expect her to by the end of the year.  So, if at the beginning of the year she tests higher than she should at the end of the year after she's been under your tutelage, one would THINK that she is bored and finds the work non-challenging, wouldn't you say?

Well.  No.  I mean - she sees her as a goof off, not paying attention, scoring horribly on her comprehension tests for reading.  I suggested that she's not really reading the books at all and that instead perhaps she's scanning them and guessing BECAUSE SHE IS BORED.  But this bitch wouldn't budge.  Her granddaughter is in the gifted program - and she's BRILLIANT - she's in the 3rd grade and reads at a 7th grade level.  I'm sure she does and I'm duly impressed, but I'm not really here to hear about your granddaughter and would like to get back to the blonde, if you don't mind please, kthanks.

After I make some other clear and pointed observations about how the blonde likes to be treated and how she shows me that she's bored to tears at school, she finally makes a note on a piece of paper and agrees to keep an eye out for it.  THEN, the bitch admits that Grace is one of those students that's just easy to lose track of - because she just plods along, status quo so she doesn't get much attention.  THANK YOU GEORGE FUCKING BUSH FOR NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.  EXCEPT for regular, smarter than usual, but not quite "gifted" children.  Who are left behind to be bored and ignored in the public school system.  Thank you.  It's a great fucking program and it's working out quite well I'd say.

And again, why is it that the most wretched teachers are those that teach 2nd grade?  I had a horrible 2nd grade teacher - you may remember I wrote about her here. 

I'm still haunted by that bitch.  Is it all part of the master plan of the universe?  Is that the weeding out year?  Ignore them and treat them like they're idiots - those that survive will become successful and those that don't - well that's just too damned bad?  Fuck her.  And yes.  I'm pissed.  Granted, the blonde could be more organized.  And watch less TV.  And we could probably get her engaged with social activities that include people her age instead of having her play beer pong with us on the weekends - and I'll commit to being a better parent to her in that regard.  But I want this wretch of a woman to get off her high horse and be the educator she's getting paid to be.

She's crossed the wrong mama here.

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