Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Full Moon Musings

Oh how I loathe a full moon.  While I find it beautiful and almost serene to view, the havoc it wreaks on my inner peace is unbearable.  Awake at 3:30 this morning and after lying there attempting to fall back asleep for an hour, I finally ceded and got up to start the day.  A day chock full of meetings and errands and the endless "to-do" list - and I'm going to function on 5 hours of sleep.  Should be interesting. 

We spent the day Saturday delivering Girl Scout cookies.  A daunting task that weighed on me like a ton of bricks.  Get the cookie orders, sort the cookies, deliver the cookies, collect the money for the cookies...it's too complicated.  Too many steps to achieve a goal in my opinion.  But the delivery process turned out to be somewhat of a joy actually.  It involved visiting with family members I hadn't seen in quite some time and friends I hadn't seen in an even longer period of time.  The whole outing ended with an impromptu overnight stay with the parents of a friend I've had for 30+ years.  Having left the house at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday -we finally arrived back home at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. 

Only to find we were missing a cat.  We are the shittiest cat owners EVER.  He finally did show back up about 7:00 Sunday night - famished.  I've no clue where he was hiding or loitering during all that time.  And we likely shouldn't be allowed to even own cats since we can't seem to take care of them properly.

So yesterday, it was MLK day, but I had meetings interspersed throughout the day, so the husband took the blonde to go to Walmart to get some snow boots.  8 hours later, they returned home - with a pair of pricey tennis shoes for the blonde (which she does not need because she already has 3 pair) and some "liners" for her rain boots.  Please go get a $15 pair of snow boots from Walmart.  Does that sound even remotely like "go spend $70 on shit we don't need at Dicks?"  No.  And the shoes are two sizes too big - just like the last pair he bought her - because they shop in the boys section and he doesn't understand that boys shoes and girls shoes are sized differently.  So the shoes are pretty much asinine.  But she loves them and it made her happy and that's all her daddy cares about.  Nevermind that the child will be ridiculed at school and likely grow up with some sort of insecurity about her giant feet - all because her dad always bought her shoes 2 sizes too big.  Lord help me.  He is the shittiest financier EVER.

And the rain boots for which he purchased liners?  First off - I purchased them at the thrift store for $3 - so she could just have a pair of boots to slip on and go outside when it rains - they are a tad big - but they were $3 and NOT a daily wear kind of thing.  The liners he bought?  Too big FOR ME.  And now it's supposed to snow again - how will the poor child play in the snow with her giant-assed boots?  I have no clue.  I imagine I will stop at Walmart at some point today and buy her the damned pair of snow boots I sent him out for yesterday.  And oh - I would NEVER spend $60 on a pair of tennis shoes for a child.  I digress.

This is what the full moon also does to me.  Causes me to have zero patience for bullshit.  And causes nearly everything around me to appear to be bullshit.  Is the bullshit really that abundant?  Or am I just making it into bullshit?  Which came first?  The chicken or the egg? 

Have you watched anything on the new OWN channel?  It's Oprah's new network.  I have!  There are some delightful shows on that channel.  That Oprah - she's a class act.  Anyway - the other night Maya Angelou was on - she was narrating a tale of her life.  When you watch and listen to her, it's really hard to get up the next day and blog about bullshit - because all I really wanted to do was "to do right".  That's her mantra.  She's so powerful and wise and moving.  I, of course, cannot find my copy of "I know why the Caged Bird Sings"  from 20+ years ago.  So I'm going to have to re-buy it.  Along with some of her other works.  I'd like my girls to know her and be familiar with her story and her words.  She's amazing.  So eloquently spoken.  I wonder if I could write powerful stories like her?  All I know is I find her inspiring - so I'm on a mission to reacquaint myself with her works this year.  I even got the husband to agree to allow me to stencil on the bedroom wall (AFTER we remodel the bedroom this year) the following Maya Angelou quote:

This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.

 She posted that on her Facebook status on December 16th and it just stuck with me.  And I can't get the bold print turned off after pasting that quote on here - so I'm sorry for that.  I hit the Ctrl +B and the "B" format button - but this bold is persistent today.  

Anyway - there are days I feel as though I am trudging through life - same shit - day in and day out - a perpetual case of "Groundhog Day" - but her quote moves me - it reminds me that every day is a blessing - and there is something new to be seen, learned, experienced - every minute of our lives - IF we allow ourselves to open our hearts and minds to it.  Having this emblazened on the wall of my bedroom should remind me to embrace each day with the graciousness it deserves.

 I believe I committed to experience a new adventure with my girls each week, didn't I?  Wasn't that one of my plans for the new year?  Well - I have not done one damned thing to head in that direction.  Not one.  We stopped at a pretty sketchy liquor store the other night - but I don't think that really counts - so in summary, thus far that plan is a total fail. 

What have you done lately that is adventurous - and suitable for 2 40 somethings, a 15 yr old and an 8 yr old?  Do share your ideas!!!

(why is it now on giant bold type?  I didn't press anything to change it - Honest I didn't - oh you wretched innernets) - Although as I preview the post - it reminds me of Grover - "near..... far"  - but I seem to be stuck on NEAR.  oh wait - here's far!  Oh how I LOVE Grover!!!

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