Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too Much?

What is too much?  Who defines that, anyway?  I cuss too much.  I drink too much.  I smoke too much.  I bitch too much.  I sleep too much.  I drink too much caffeine.  And along the way, I nag myself - "you're doing too much of these things blondie - get it together."  So today, I'm not feeling 100%.  The blonde and the brunette have been hacking and barking around here for the last week like little typhoid Mary's and now it seems they've passed their little bug on to me.  Which pissese me off to no end.  I do NOT have time to be sick.  So... I'm self-medicating myself back to health. 

So far today:

  1. I've taken a very hot shower to clear my sinuses and throat.
  2. Snorted some saline solution until I gagged myself.
  3. Taken 4,000 IU of D3
  4. Ingested 500 mg of Zinc
  5. Ingested a Garlic pill
  6. Ingested 2 Ibuprofen
  7. Drank 8 oz of Echinecea tea
  8. Gargled 7 times with a Cider Vinegar/Water solution
  9. Drank 8 oz of De-Tox Herbal Tea (figured I could at least pee myself out of this illness)
  10. And I slathered my neck with Vicks and then donned a scarf.  So I'm dressed like this:

Is that too much?  It's not even noon yet.  I don't really know if I feel better or not.  My neck is rather stiff - but I think it's more from this giant scarf wrapped around it than the actual illness.  Although my eyes are kind of watering and I might be shaking from having not eaten anything yet today.  Better have some chicken soup!!  I hear that is a cure all!  But really, is it too much?!

On a similar note, the husband is also ailing.  His version of this inconvenience is FAR worse than mine though.  But of course, you likely already knew that.  As he stood, bent over in the kitchen, holding his side and barking out one small cough this morning, he was able to muster enough strength to inform me, "I think this is already bronchitis."  Likely so.  Probably pneumonia.  Better head on up to the hospital.  I'll be up with some flowers later sweetie.  After I clean the floors, fumigate the house from the germs that are obviously in here, do some actual work so we can afford to pay our bills and cook dinner for our family.  Meanwhile he stomped off to work without saying good bye but proclaiming he NEVER gets sick.  I think that is too much.

UPDATE:  I just remembered - I also had 1 tsp of Elderberry Juice Concentrate.  And 24 oz of water.  Now, maybe THAT is too much?

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  1. You are too much!! LOL Acutally the very best thing you can do when you are coming down with something is take a long nap. Rest really is a good cure all. Then get up and eat a decent meal, water water water...gotta flush the pipes and all, and then....rest some more. Now, finding the time to do all that and still be the mom....THAT's the tricky part!! ;)