Sunday, August 1, 2010

More on Sunday

Okay, so I am totally a Facebook creeper.  I admit it.  I LOVE to look at other people's pictures on Facebook.  And it's the people I don't really know but can get to their pics because a mutual friend is tagged or something - THOSE are the ones that I'm most intrigued by.   So I'm clicking along in Facebook and procrastinating on getting my chores done and see that the Prodigal Son was tagged in a picture - so I go look.  Well he's not actually in the picture - his truck is.  So I keep going through all this little gal's pics and  it's her and her 3 besties and they are doing this totally random shit around town and taking pics along the way.  And I'm cracking up because I love young adults - I love their spirit and their zest for life and I love how they do just totally random shit without worrying what anyone else is thinking. 

And then I figure it out - they were on a scavenger hunt, but instead of looking for shit, they had to perform all these random acts and it was totally hysterical.  Some of the things they did:

1.  Find a cop and take your picture with him eating a donut. 
2.  Pump a stranger's gas
3.  Bag a stranger's groceries
4.  and so on and so forth....

You get the picture.  And it occurs to me that I'm pretty sure Lola over at would definitely make up such a list and take her kids out for the day and do this kind of shit.  And while I'm thinking of her giggling and running and taking pictures and building this amazing memory with her kids, I find myself totally fucking jealous of her and her random acts scavenger hunt that she's never even heard of (yet) and taken.  Bitch gets to do all the fun shit.  BUT THEN IT HITS ME:  WE CAN MAKE THIS INTO A FAMILY EVENT!  AND WE CAN ALL DO IT FROM WHEREVER AND PUT IT ON A SHARED SITE AS WE DO EACH OF THESE THINGS.  OMG - I'm so totally brilliant!!! 

Lola - when you read this - let me know if you're in and Reg you too!  We can coordinate it and it would be so fun to collaborate on it and then get everyone involved!!!!!! 

I'm a genius!  If any of you reading this decide to embark on such an adventure - SHARE YOUR PICS and story!!!!

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  1. I'm in!! You're in charge of forming the collaboration committee!