Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kitchen Gadgets

So, if you follow me on Facebook (DUH - who doesn't - I'm that.fucking.interesting) - you will have read that I've been permanently grounded (self-inflicted) from purchasing any more kitchen gadgets.

But damn the bad luck.  I found a Pier One catalog today - and you could not believe the amazing things I found in there:

First - just look at the stuff:

Look.  At mouse cheese grater.  My God but can you imagine the fun you'd have with that little fella?  Or how about those birdie scissors?  It just makes you WANT to be in the kitchen, doing kitcheny things, doesn't it? 

But then, look.  It gets better:

My God.  But aren't they darling? Several months (maybe years now - I can't remember) -my mom made me this darling gingham apron with ric rac trim.  I requested it - because if I have to be doing chores and acting all domestic - then I want to look cute doing those things.  I love that apron.  It's a shame that the material she used looks best when ironed and so it stays wadded up where I laid it the last time I washed it. I should iron it this weekend and drag it back out.  I love that apron.

And by now, I was literally drooling.  All over the Pier One catalog - because look what showed up next:

Turn your head sideways.  I'm too lazy to rotate the picture.  You can do some of the work around here for a change.  I'm not your slave.  It's a bird veggie peeler.  Look how cute - I can hear it humming while I peel right now!  BUT SERIOUSLY PEOPLE - LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE FLOWER SCRUBBER BRUSH BEHIND IT.  I'd do dishes all day if I had one of those.  Too bad I'm grounded and can't buy it.  I guess someone else will have to do the dishes.

And last, but NOT LEAST - because this one folks, this one, may cause me to unground myself.  Seriously - I just may have to go buy this:


Who doesn't love a monkey?  And what is more fun than a monkey peeling veggies? 


I'm in love.

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