Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's in a Nugget?

So a few months back, I posted a status on FB something to the effect of, "In reviewing the school lunches and their nutritional content for the month, it's no wonder obesity amongst children in the US is an epidemic."  That's not verbatim - but close enough.  Anyway, I'd forgotten that I am "friends" with a high school classmate who runs the food service for another school district in our city.  So she posted in, "OUCH".  I immediately explained my comment and that I didn't think it was her fault or the fault of the food service, but instead, the fault of something larger that makes crappy food more affordable to these school districts vs. healthy, fresh food.  She never replied.  So I blocked her from my news feed so I didn't have to see her daily religious quotes any longer.  There.  I fixed her. 

But what I really wanted to say to her is, "Seriously?  Look at yourself in the damned mirror."  Now.  I know that's mean.  And if you're already offended, stop reading - but I'm going to say it anyway.  This girl was the picture of health and fitness in high school.  Star athlete - not an ounce of fat on her.  Homecoming candidate.  Volleyball star, basketball star, track star.  She did it all.  And now?  I wouldn't recognize her in a crowd due to the amount blubber she has amassed over the years.  So I find it ironic that she runs a food service for a school district - serving up parts of chicken which have been formed into various shapes and given a variety of fun names and deep fried and honestly thinks that she is doing the children of this country justice.  I know the school districts are limited in funding and options when it comes to lunches.  I get all of that.  I really do.  But instead of replying with "ouch" - I would have rather seen a reply riddled with passion and desire to want to do better and have different choices to offer but not having the monetary capacity to do so.  Instead?  It seems the once fit and healthy one finds some level of comfort and pleasure in shoveling out shit to the children in her district. 

The whole thing irritated me.  As does her perpetual religious commenting.  So I found especially great joy when a recent news article came out that her district was written up by officials for the most code violations in the city.  And there she was, featured in the local paper, defending her shoddily run food program again.  Making excuses for the violations.  Stating she was unaware of them and they all occurred in the warehouse - where she never goes, but will in the future to ensure violations don't occur again.  I had to giggle to myself as I read the article.  Because to me it just screamed apathy.  Apathy over what she chooses to feed those kids and apathy for how the food is stored and handled.  Lazy.  That's what it is. 

And then I felt sad for her.  How does someone get to that point?  The point they don't care about themselves, their health, the results they produce in their career, lack of self-accountability?  Think how amazing this world would be if everyone gave a shit and tackled their job with the desire to make a difference - an impact - a dent in their tiny section of the universe.  Wouldn't the world be a better place?  Wouldn't people be happier?  More fulfilled?  More joyful to be around? 

In the meantime, the blonde refuses to eat the school lunches and so daily I'm forced to pack a cold lunch for her and on the days that I'm irritated by that fact, I remind myself that I'm proud of her for taking a stand against eating that shit they call food.  Hopeful that I'm teaching her to NOT be apathetic and optimistic she'll do amazing things in her life by daring to be different at the ripe old age of 9.  ROCK ON BLONDE! 


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